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The need for Positive Change: Turning anger into action... [May. 11th, 2015|06:43 pm]
Miss Von Trapp

Realistically. All this anger at the current government and sharing things with disgust on facebook is getting us nowhere. Right now I am feeling more than a little powerless with it all.  So what can we sensibly do about it over the next five years?

We can start by clearing up our own backyard so to speak. The world may be an ashtray but if every individual keeps their own corner spotless it won't be half as grubby. Be positive. Be optimistic. Do our best and utmost to support and look after our friends and family and everyone we meet as we travel through life... Lead by example. Love our fellow men and women. Consider the wider impact of our words and actions. Shine as an individual and it will have a knock on effect with others.

If we can all do this then with hope things will change. Do what you can when you can and Be Most Excellent To Each Other.

We have five years to turn around the anger and apathy of our society. Five years to get people engaged and burning for positive change...

And I think before anyone incites people to get into political protest we have to address fundamentally the apathy and blame culture this society has developed.  Value people as individuals. As human beings. Not just political statistics. We had the result we had largely because people no longer feel they have an impact so didn't bother voting.

Everyone has an impact. Even in the ocean. Not just small ponds. But you have to start somewhere and giving people value and helping people to not feel worthless is the starting point for everyone.

Doesn't help me any with getting hauswerk done but politically I am more motivated thinking this than constantly dwelling on all the current misery. Dwelling on the negative doesn't get things changed. Action does.  Plus finding dark humour in things helps. Writing those Frozen parodies the other day got a bit of it out cathartically ;)

And on the subject of mass media? Ah the great engine of propaganda!  Four legs good two legs baaad! ! think that comes to basically educating people at ground level not to believe everything they read or see. Educating people to form their own ideas from all aspects. But let's tackle the disillusionment of the masses first and get people actively supporting each other...

It boils down to this:

A person cannot even begin to consider politics or policies if they are unable to feed or clothe their family. If they are on their own in a sinking ship they will drown. If, on the other hand, a friend is able to help with the daily grind and sort them for food and clothes or whatever then they will have the freedom to turn their minds to other matters. Enabling people! Motivation!!  ...and politics cannot come before that.

We all need to be that friend to everyone. It's all very well entertaining thoughts of running away and living in a Kibbutz right now but we already live in one and it's called Earth. Yes I am an idealistic hippy but it's true...

Use your talents. Those in a position to take action should be doing just that. Be part of the community action. Talk to people. Talk to MPs. First and foremost though - remember to look after and support your fellow man.

Actions speak louder than words or rhetoric. Be awesome.

For the want of a nail the battle will NOT be lost.

So its time to light a fire and let your little light shine!!

Love you all xxxxx

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Miss Von Trapp does London TWICE with Plymouth inbetween... [May. 6th, 2015|06:18 pm]
Miss Von Trapp

Yes! Two weekends inna row!!

Electrowerkz London - Whitleigh Plymouth - Crouch End London again!! And with werk inbetween... AND I am still alive.

Stupendous. The Friday before last I played at the Annual Einsturzende Neubaten Party at Electrowerkz.  I got the train from home at 10.44am, was in Lahndan at 2pm and onstage somewhere around midnight. It was hella busy on account of the Marathon. And so was I...

Had a sound check around teatime and met N.U Unruh from the band Einsturzende Neubaten who was absolutely lovely and sorted my sound and lighting plus was the perfect host with rider and everything. After other awesome acts doing a song each (Roi. M. Cabaret and Mauricio were brilliant) I played and sang my own cello interpretations of 'The Garden', 'Wuste' with Vera accompanying me on my daughter's rainstick and contrapuntal english/german spoken word... and then 'How Did I Die?'. Vera joined me on the end of that one with a clunky tin saucepan percussion.  It went down very incredibly well. Super happy me. Though now I can sing in german I really must learn it as a language...

And then I joined my friends Vera and Nick as the headline band straight after who couldn't decide on a name. Code Plain I think we ended up as... performing 12305te Nacht, Silence is Sexy (in which I clowned annoyance with a newspaper) and Was Ist Ist.

It was lots of fun and went fantastically well and at 5.30am we finally left the dressing room and I found my way across London on the night bus to Paddington without having slept for a 7am train.

But I forgot to take any photos.  So those below are me on the train, the T-shirt N.U kindly gave me as a gift and my pre-show selfie. I will get photo and video at some point then will share.

I got home at midday and slept for an hour and a half then went to perform at Whitleigh Green for a St Georges Day event. Family friendly ish for half an hour. More fun even though it was raining. A lot!!

And so a week went by when I was back at werk and also rehearsing like crazy for a 45 minute set at Hornsey Town Hall Arts Centre on the next (last) Saturday.

I left in the rain with The Wattingers at 10am and arrived in Crouch End in the sun at 3pm. How The Wattingers managed to NOT kill me all weekend I have no idea as my conversation topics are often very strange... For example: do you rot in space?

We found our way to the B&B and then to the venue... Hornsey Town Hall is a beautiful, if somewhat dilapidated and being done up, piece of 1920s architecture that gets used by the BBC a lot due to everything inside and out being original. You will have seen it on Whitechapel for starters.  And the room we were in was no exception. Kitted out with cabaret seating, a bar, stage and chandeliers... and the lovely blue tiles on the pillars matched my hair. It was stunning.

The people there were all mahvellous. It was clear how passionate they are about getting the building in use and how much they loved us as performers. Even the biggest heckler in London banned by Jimmy Carr (so he says) saved ALL my GIFT words as I threw them and was a fantastic member of the audience and greatly encouraging - one of us was a bad influence on the other and am not sure which but was a whole lot of fun. I have a number one London fan now hehe...

Sharon, our host, was welcoming and lovely,  and I met so many enthusiastic people and had so much great conversation that I cannot wait to be back in June... but I digress. Good at that.

My 45 minutes set was very well received going from my dark versions of early music hall and grave folk through to my cabaret rewrites and I even had an encore - so I played Murder/Fever. Always risky with the Myra Hindley verse but I got away with it.  And then I had a gin and tonic. And a couple of beers. Or three. And enjoyed The Wattingers set, which is always great fun. And joined them onstage with the cello for a song at the end of the show.

Following which there was a mahvellous steampunk dj set from Raliel and then it was midnight suddenly. And then for some reason I found myself wandering Crouch End with Martin Wattinger and Ren in search of chicken.  As you do. Then the women in the police station next door kept me awake in the early hours screaming like a girls hockey team and blowing their whistles at the 5am boxing match.

And then suddenly it was breakfast time. And we filled up on toast, eggs and too much coffee and journeyed home. Nice steady drive thanks to stalwart Martin Wattinger. Lovely clouds and then the rain set in just past Bristol.

I am going back to London very very soon. I feel like a proper Londoner now. I have an Oyster card and everything and a superbly welcoming audience. But first,  a local church gig, Volksfest,  and a road trip to Morecambe.

See you on June 13th!! And thankyou for having me you capital dwellers of the Capital :Dxxx

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Upcoming gigs and some posters! [Apr. 13th, 2015|03:03 pm]
Miss Von Trapp

Feel free to share!

Working like mad for this one...

And then have this the very next day... Vaudeville Music Hall family singalong at 4pm!

And with this fantastic lineup...

Followed by a road trip to Morecambe...

Then this just 4 days after my birthday (hint) with Joe Black, Velma Von Bon Bon, The Copperfield Ensemble,  The Mysterious Freakshow and more...

And a trip to the lovely seaside town of Brixham!!

All links to tickets and further details can be found on

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How did it get to April already?! [Apr. 12th, 2015|02:48 pm]
Miss Von Trapp

I am asking myself this very question as I sit struggling to type with a cat getting in the way... husband watching cycling on eurosport and my daughter watching Frozen videos on youtube. My daily life is SO exciting *cough*  I have been busy enough already notwithstanding easter school holiday activities and werk schtuf and we are a quarter of the way through the year! Argh!!

Here are some photographic highlights of the year so far... and a second post will follow (probably tomorrow) with what's coming next...

So in February I performed in Taunton for Hoots and Hooters Anti-valentine.  Hosted by the one and only Dis Charge, it was a mahvellous evening with outstanding performances from many including Screaming Keating and Ophelia Wilde. I had a fantastic time and it started the year off nicely.

The lovely Dis Charge and myself...

Then I got to rehearsing with The Wattingers for a guest appearance with them at the Rogues Gallery at the Barnfield Theatre in March. It was ruddy brilliant to be playing with them and we went down a storm.

And yes, that is a Norman Bates Mother outfit I am wearing. It seemed fitting but the wig didn't lol

After my set with The Wattingers I did my 'thing', subjecting a highly appreciative audience to Tragic Moments, The Worm Song and Everytime We Say Goodbye... (You Die A Little) Many thanks to for the photos.

Next up, and my most recent gig was at the end of March at PCQ Arts Black Books poetry evening. I had the pleasure of jamming with Jimmy Appudurai-chua in the break, playing the Funeral March when Richard James jokes hit tumbleweed and then about half an hour of my own material.

With GIFTS obviously,  but as it was a Poetry evening it was nice to air some newer material and some of my performance poetry too. Thanks for having me :)

And yesterday I spent time in Beliefspace Studio doing some backing vocals for my sister Lena Smith's new EP...

So the next gig I am playing is imminent on April 24th. And i am spending EVERY evening working on it. I have been asked to perform three interpretations of songs by Einsturzende Neubaten for the annual party organised by N.U. Unruh - the drummer of the band.

I shall be performing The Garden, Wuste, and How Did I Die using just cello and voice - and a fiend on some invented percussion. Treating it much like I do my sound poetry so it's going to be a lot of fun. No pressure but it's a BIG EVENT at Electrowerkz London. Do come and see me :D

I have to be back in Plymouth the next day to perform at a family St Georges Day event so I hope I will not be too broken...

My next post will contain posters and info of upcoming gigs for the rest of the year xxx

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Say Hello 2015, Wave Goodbye 2014!! Here's to the next adventure!! [Dec. 31st, 2014|04:32 pm]
Miss Von Trapp

By the time you are reading this it will probably be 2015...


I will have probably watched almost all of Jools Holland's Hootenanny with a measure of gin sloshed in my Lemsip and maybe have kissed one of my three cats at midnight since my husband will be out gigging and my daughter hopefully asleep...

But this is all speculation and it will be a New Year tomorrow. And another day. And I will be planning on spending the morning sitting in a café drinking coffee and counting all the broken people with an air of satisfaction. Or at least checking my Facebook...

So we are due a roundup of 2014. And what a year!!

I did:

17 gigs in 10 months! - January and August off ;)
Released another album in August!
Compered shows!
Another Steampunk Yule Ball duet with Professor Elemental!
Had Standing Ovations!
Had masses and masses of fun and plenty of gin!
And radio play on BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio 6, local stations and internet stations!

It's been MAHVELLOUS!!

I could go into lengthy breakdowns of every month but this blog already does that... Highlights have been many but it was a real pleasure to have lots of gigs in Exeter and Cornwall with lovely Steampunk Fiends and festivals and poetry nights and brilliant burlesque shows in Devon and Somerset and oh so many Favourite Things...

ALL OF IT!!  I couldn't pick a single thing!!


(Go read back a bit while I sip my gin spiked Lemsip...)


Hell Yes!!

And what does 2015 have in store?

Firstly, January off from gigging but lots of practice for the first two shows of the season...

Then I will be in Taunton on the 13th February 2015 for anti-valentine... ONLY SEVEN WEEKS AWAY!!

And then back in my favouritest theatre in the world on March 7th 2015. Look out for me in The Wattingers set amidst my own bit and some other clowning...

It's promising to be a fantastic year already and I am EVEN GOING PAST BRISTOL in 2015... All the way to Morecambe in Lancashire for A Splendid Steampunk Weekend. Huzzah!!

Do keep checking on the dotcom for gig dates and ticket links as I have bookings up as far as July currently and do have a mahvellous New Year!

Kiss a cat for me at midnight, won't you?

MVT xxxx

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And so The Steampunk Yule Ball was THE PERFECT end to 2014!! [Dec. 24th, 2014|06:59 pm]
Miss Von Trapp

I don't know where to begin...

The Steampunk Yule Ball was an unbridled success with 500 or so beautifully dressed Steampunkers going between two main rooms at the Exeter Phoenix and the bar and the market and everywhere...

It was packed. It was heaving. It was glorious. And I'm not just referring to my bosom in its corsetry...

Downstairs we had such fantastic performers as Birthrite, BB BlackDog,  Lord Montague Jacques Fromage,  The Mysterious Freakshow and Professor Elemental, expertly compered by the lovely Monty JF himself...

Upstairs we had the mahvellous GurdyBird,  ME, The Wattingers and Fantastic Ms Fanny with a special guest appearance as Jack The Ripper by Betty Boom Boom.  It was epic and I had an amazing time sharing the compering with Ms Fanny. Uproarious it was indeed...

There was no room to move in the audience. At all. A HUGE room totally packed out with people even sitting squeezed on the floor at the front and hanging through the doorway!! My half hour (ish - oops) went down fantastically and I had a awesome audience. Loved every minute!!

You can see my ENTIRE Christmas Carol Carnage set on my YouTube along with the now traditional duet with Professor Elemental: Baby It's Cold Outside...

Christmas Carol Carnage 2014:

... which was SPLENDID!!

This link is JUST THE DUET: Miss Von Trapp and Professor Elemental LIVE:

The evening ended with Jack the Ripper burlesque performed by Fantastic Ms Fanny and Betty Boom Boom... This is me (above) demonstrating to the burly virgins how to woop and holler...

And much shenanigans and craziness was had by all... As you can see above, Fey Pink from The Mysterious Freakshow,  The Gaslight Troubadours, The Professor and myself had a bit of a selfie moment... probably around 1.30 in the morning!!

Or possibly later if you look at the running order below...

And I had a spectacularly splendid time. My half hour set was brilliant, all the performers and the audience and the venue and EVERYTHING was brilliant too. Thankyou Exeter for being so amazing!! And many thanks to all the performers for being so lovely and Fey for inviting me and Fleur for driving me home...

And I got home just after 2am, I had just about 2 hours sleep and had to be up at 5am and go into werk to manage my team. Broken wasn't the word but I still lasted out until 8.30 in the evening on pure adrenalin as I took my daughter on the Santa Train...

And now it's CHRISTMAS! ! And I am barely recovered but excitedly looking forward to new events in 2015 with my wonderful Steampunk fiends.



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Shocktober Part the Third! [Nov. 23rd, 2014|01:14 pm]
Miss Von Trapp

Shocktober continued after Shhh Burlesque's Halloween Spooktacular and onward into November!

Here are some photographic highlights for your enjoyment...

First up was Mrs Lovett compering the Burlesque in the Basement's Fraudeville Friday! It took three different and increasing sizes of gin bottle to demonstrate the woop and holler at the start of the show...

And at the start of the second half, Mrs Lovett performed an impromptu Have A Pie burlesque routine, which was a lot of fun - look on my YouTube under 'live shows' or here: well as finishing off with a new song!

It was a fantastic show to compere and a pleasure to be a part of. I love you BITB Crew!!

The very next night I was off to Club Rainbow at the Rainbow Hotel in Torquay to perform two fifteen minute sets. Always a pleasure to perform there - wonderful staff and great backstage atmosphere anf as ever such a mahvellously appreciative audience!

They loved my new material (A Mother's Lament and Every Time We Say Goodbye) and were in splendid voice for both halves... I went as Miss Havisham again wearing the flower that had been thrown onstage at the Shhh Burlesque show.

Following which, I was invited to Armadacon 2014 to provide the end of round incidental cello music for the tea-duelling.  Naturally I went as Missy - the regenerated female Master from Doctor Who...

And had a MAHOOSIVE amount of fun playing the Only Connect music, Countdown, the Imperial March, Jaws and much more on the cello...

Missy even beat her favourite Doctor at tea-duelling! He was very gentlemanly about it and I ate a whole bag of jelly babies... and was interviewed for BBC Radio Two. I had the chap with the microphone singing along with the worm song... Oops.
Me! On the radio again!! :D

And then I finally finished up my batshit crazy Shocktober month with a birthday performance at Tiki Bar for my favourite burly lady: Miss Kitty Kane.

As you can tell it was busy busy busy for the whole of October and onward into November... a grand total of SEVEN gigs... and taken up three blog posts...

And then there was the Steampunk Yule Ball still to go which I shall reserve a whole separate blog post for...

And a duet on the cards with Professor Elemental again. Most splendid! More later :Dxxx

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Halfway (haunted?) Halloween Haus... [Oct. 29th, 2014|02:16 pm]
Miss Von Trapp

Halfway through my Shocktober Halloween month and it's not even actual Halloween yet and two more shows to go!!

After Rogues Gallery at The Barnfield Theatre on the 11th there was a 10 day break before Waterfront Writers Halloween Open Mic on the 21st. It was a small and intimate audience and a very appreciative one who really enjoyed my half hour set plus an end 15 mins which included the new version of Butterflies - which I had only written the night before. It went down marvellously!  You can listen here:

Then that very Friday 24th I was off to Shhh Burlesque's Halloween Spooktacular in Bridgwater.  I had a brilliant time sharing the stage with Jacques Bruxelles,  Missy Malone,  Poppy Raine, Oceana Pearl and Didi Curve and Honey Holiday. The audience were fantastic and i had so much fun backstage it was very hard to be quiet in the wings. We were all dying of laughter watching the amazing acts!

I wore my Catrina Havisham outfit again - the skirt was the only reason I had to take a suitcase on the train lol - and did two 15 minute sets which went down brilliantly!

Yesterday I spent time at Momentum Studios putting some cello on a friends song which will be played on BBC Introducing on Radio 6 and today I am mostly preparing for my stint as a Compere from Beyond at Burlesque in the Basement's Fraudeville...

This Friday, Trick or Treaters, I shall be Mrs Lovett. Welcome to my gin and pie parlour...

And the next night I am in Torquay,  Club Rainbow for their Halloween Spectacular on 1st November. Fun fun fun!

And then a couple more impromptu gigs and I shall go flop. And start working on my Christmas material for 13th December and also go back to the day job of training the Christmas temps at werk. Me, 80 half asleep people and a PowerPoint.  Can't wait! !

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Shocktober begins with a bang!! (A Rogue Review and whatnot) [Oct. 16th, 2014|06:13 pm]
Miss Von Trapp

You stand waiting in the wings. Awful thoughts rush through your head every time like "if I ran away now, would it matter?", "I need another wee", "what if it all goes horribly wrong" and "I remember how Tommy Cooper died"...

And then it's your time. And out you go to stand in front of your audience. And they remind you why you are there. You love it. They love it. And the rush is so incredible it doubles the strength of your post-show gin and tonic.


And what a mahvellous and receptive audience I had at the Barnfield Theatre last Saturday. I could already tell by the raucous applause from the first half that when I went on at the start of the second, it was going to be good.

In the first half, and listening to the show relay from the dressing room, Cerys Nelmes had the appreciative audience on her SIDe, the burlesque from Luna L'amour, Angelique Dominique and Fantastic Ms Fanny had whoops and hollers in all the right places, GurdyBird had everyone clapping along, and The Copperfield Ensemble had a Steampunk March on the go that would have even raised the dead.

When I went out in my 'lost en route to Grandma's house' costume and Old Scratchy in my hand, they were already well warmed up and ready for a good old fashioned gruesome singalong.

So, performing to the 'little old lady at the back who'd forgotten her ear trumpet' (or the sound booth) as my many years of physical theatre training and professional choirs taught me, my audience gave me a PERFECT howling response in Favourite Things, voices louder than my own during the chorus of Daisy Daisy (I have to apologise to my husband for the bike riding quip but I was in character) and also A Mother's Lament, which is relatively new being from my most recent album.  I garnered guffaws exactly where I wanted them for Tragic Moments and when I did the Worm Song... I have never heard SO MUCH WOE WOE WOE CHORUS!! They LOVED IT!!

The rest of the second half after my set I was in a state of dizzied elation to be fair... but again from the relay I heard yet more and louder cheering for the two burly performances, awed hush and attentiveness for Marc Lobb's mind magic... and then I hid backstage and watched The Skull Kids magnificently enjoyable set while waiting for curtain call. When I went out for that the reaction of the audience was tremendous!! Thankyou so much for having me!! We totally raised the roof between us and I hope we can get it back on before we return in March next year! !

Too many superlatives? Not enough more like!

Below is the Curtain Call from Saturday's show. Our audience loved it going by the roars, cheers and participation and so did we!

The feedback afterwards from individuals who saw my set was terrific too. "Perfect comic timing, great performance, slick and professional"!! Thankyou so much. I love you all xxx

So after a rousing singalong and fantastic audience participation at the Barnfield I will be appearing at a Poetry night in Plymouth on the 21st,  a Shhh Burlesque spectacular in Bridgwater on the 24th, compering an entire show for Burlesque in the Basement in Plymouth on the 31st (A local show for local people) and a Halloween appearance in Torquay on the 1st at Club Rainbow. Hellishly exciting month.

Going to get even hotter come December when the Professor and I may well be cooking something up for the Steampunk Yule at the Phoenix again ;)

For details about all upcoming shows please go to Gig Dates on

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Are you ready for Halloween? Let's Get This Party Started!! [Sep. 25th, 2014|06:35 pm]
Miss Von Trapp

The Rogues Gallery Vaudeville Tour begins on 11th October 2014!!

A Variety Spectacular is coming to The Barnfield Theatre, Exeter, UK on October 11th 2014...
Tickets on sale NOW. 

Cerys Nelmes: Award winning comedian & compere.

Marc Lobb: Award winning magician & mentalist / mind reader.

Miss Von Trapp: Murderously Quirky Dark Cello Cabaret.

The Skull Kids: Psychedelic tunes with a dark Twist.

Angelique Dominique: Sugar, spice and everything naughty but nice!

The Copperfield Ensemble Project: Ultimate Music Hall Experience.

Luna L'Amour: 'She's a Burlesque Jekyll & Hyde'.

GurdyBird: Symphonie Shenanigans & folktronica.

Fantastic Ms Fanny: Burlesque, Boobs, Comedy & Cake!

Rags & Riches: Unique guitar and vocal duo from Exeter.

Tickets on sale NOW from the Barnfield Theatre website or via

See you there!!

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Happy Hectic Halloween!! I appear to have started already... [Sep. 23rd, 2014|05:29 pm]
Miss Von Trapp

The Rogues Review started off my Halloween season perfectly last Saturday as a taster for our big vaudeville review on the 11th October.

It was great fun with a very enthusiastic and appreciative audience... I thoroughly enjoyed showing off my new song (A Mothers Lament) live and cant wait for the follow up performances in The Barnfield Theatre, Exeter on the 11th October. Did I mention it was on the 11th October? In Exeter?

Here's a shot of me on the night, it wasn't as dark as the photo but I am glad I went as Miss Havisham meets Catrina lol

Now here are Posters for Upcoming Shows: please see for details and ticket links!


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No Alt-Fest but NEW ALBUM!! I have been busy :D [Aug. 26th, 2014|06:43 pm]
Miss Von Trapp
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On my week off when I should have been at Alt-Fest,  and couldn't get to the replacement Steampunk festival in Llanfyllin to play, I promised myself and my fans that I would make sure I was still productive. And I was!!


On Tuesday I took my daughter to the British Firework Championship. We were about 400 yards from where they were setting them off. Practically underneath... and we're rained on with bits of burnt out but still intact cordite-stinky cardboard. Think that successfully cured my phobia...

Then the following day I took her to the Moscow State Circus. I went in full Miss Von Trapp makeup and costume and she went in butterfly outfit and face paint and consumed more than her weight in candyfloss and popcorn. It was great fun...

Following which, we went on a family holiday to my parents caravan and I finished off recording my new album: "Grave Folk". I do hope you like it. I have seen some excellent reviews already :D


So I kept my promises. And maybe next year I will make August a gigging month again. It's the only month so far this year where I haven't had a gig. The next show is on September 20th at The Hall, Exeter and then October promises to be my busiest month yet!!


Hope to see you there xxxx

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Rising from the Ashes of Alt-Fest... But I am Trapped in a Caravan. [Aug. 5th, 2014|06:23 pm]
Miss Von Trapp
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So next weekend I was all geared up to be performing in the Steampunk Zone at Alt-Fest.  It promised to be MAGNIFICENT with 180 acts including Marilyn Manson, Fields of the Nephilim,  Pete Murphy, Gary Numan... Basically a wet dream for an old goth like me. There was going to be a Circus zone, Circus of Horrors, a children's play zone, Steampunk Zone, Goth stage, Metal stage, Industrial,  on and on and lots more...  Mostly I will miss Joe Black doing disney for children... I will have to bribe him down my way for a private show...


Basically it promised to be lots and lots of mahvellous fun for the best family holiday plus seeing all my friends perform in Steampunk and other stages and the best gig opportunity in the world EVER!!


Sadly it all went tits up at the last minute.


And although there have been lots of rescue festivals springing up (Full Steam Metal Racket in Llanfyllin, The Curehead's Ctrl-Alt-Fest-Delete in Kettering and FLAG's SOS in London to name a few) AND I had an opportunity to play at the Steampunk Zone / SOPHIE one, certain factors like driving and my daughter and the issue that I had promised a family holiday... (and this being the only chance we were going to get at a semblance of a family holiday) meant that I am now destined to spend the weekend doing something completely different.




I have, however, made plans and all is not lost. I have a trip to Moscow State Circus planned in Miss Von Trapp costume, some firework displays to watch, and weather permitting a stay in the family caravan... and I will spend time recording some songs as well. Perhaps a mini album to release through my bandcamp page.


In some consolation, I did come up with the name for the Phoenix-like festival that has arisen from the Alt-Fest ashes...


For those of you still able to go to the Steampunk Alt-Fest Alternative I present THE WEBSITE for...




" *fanfare*


My Lords, Ladies and Gentlemen - it is with great pleasure that we, your humble hosts, now proudly present - the brand-new and official festival website!


There's still a lot more content and information to be added over the next day or so but hopefully this will answer some of your most urgent queries.


In the meantime, please don't hesitate to continue to ask questions here [FB EVENT PAGE ]


BB BlackDog and NeonTiger Productions UK Ltd"


And my next gig date is 20th September at The Hall, Exeter. Not to be missed!

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Peculiar Post Mortem and Black Books... [Jun. 23rd, 2014|12:29 pm]
Miss Von Trapp
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It is Summer. I am hot. But not half as hot as I was on the 14th June at Exeter Phoenix...


I had the grand idea, since Stabcurdle Jack was played on BBC 6 Music, of going dressed in macabre victorian garb as Mrs Lovett to perform that song and 'Have A Pie' as part of my half hour set in the Black Box Dark Cabaret room...


But it is a heavy and well made layered and quilted costume and a real theatre piece as worn on stage in a Theatre Royal production of Sweeney Todd. The label inside says 'Vicky: Tart'...


And I wore kneehigh socks and bloomers and a vest underneath it for propriety...

Looked amazing but by gawd I was sweaty. Am yet to weigh myself to see if I have lost the hoped-for 4 stone.


My set went down very well and we had a mahvellous singalong with Stabcurdle Jack, Have A Pie, Green and Yeller, Isn't it Grand To Be Bloody Well Dead, The Worm Song and Idle Wives. Thoroughly enjoyed it and all the lovely positive feedback after.  All the acts in the whole night were excellent too. I may have had a bit too much gin however as the dress came off for dancing to The Gaslight Troubadours set...


I hear tell much of my show may well have been Trapped in the moving image... Watch this space!

And after doing my set I got to watch all these awesome people... Gurdybird, Marc Lobb, The Needle Poppets, The Mysterious Freakshow, Martin H Wattinger, The Gaslight Troubadours and Pure Mischief!!:

If you didn't go you missed a mahvellous night!!


This Wednesday coming I am at Black Books doing a half hour set for Pennycomequick Arts at the Mayflower Bar on the Barbican. They are a company that work to bring together all the arts and writers and poets and allsorts in Plymouth and are well worth supporting. Come and see me at the end of the night. Event starts at 7.30pm.

All other event listings can be found on


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Football vs Burlesque: A comparison [Jun. 22nd, 2014|12:00 pm]
Miss Von Trapp
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Football vs Burlesque: A Comparison...


I have noticed albeit through a 'werld kup blackout' in my haus that England have not done very well this time round.


Many people are commenting that this has its roots in the fact that the majority of Premier League teams that have made up our England squad are mostly buying in 'world class' footballers rather than supporting and nurturing home-grown talent. Without encouraging and training up local people for local leagues, how is this sport - 'The Beautiful Game' - going to survive?


It can only last so long and it is beginning to become apparent not only in the World Cup but also in home teams where international players can be bought and sold for more than the regular person can realistically earn in a few years...


And local, homegrown talent is not getting a look in.


How does this correllate with the World of Burlesque? Why have I made this comparison?


More and more often I am seeing mainstream shows with 'World Class' international talent being bandied about and admittedly these shows deliver quality acts and value for money for new punters who expect glitz and feathers... but these shows are becoming stale if you see the same names all the time.


We are getting the same names, same acts and nothing new. And much like Football, local homegrown talent is not getting a look in.


It is making me tire of burlesque in this arena almost as much as I no longer have an interest in football.


What I feel we need to do is this...


Mix it up a bit and make a whole lot more effort to support home grown talent. Perhaps go back to the British Variety Show format of old that worked so well. Billings with Top Names alongside lesser known acts...


There are plenty of classes and new performers in our cities. New shows and lots and lots of talent. We need to look for it, discover and nurture it. Not just allow ourselves to be spoonfed with shows and acts that have been round the houses a bit more than London or over the pond.


We are a small island buzzing with variety. Let's have more shows containing local performers as well as the 'big names'.


After all, how can emerging talent get to be 'big names' if they have no opportunity to work their way there...


How can I do this? I live in the bottom end of the UK - practically Cornwall...


Use your eyes, ears and social media. Don't just go to mainstream 'World Class' shows... There is plenty to support if you look about.


Like our Football clubs that are quite possibly realising now that they need to nurture homegrown talent if they are going to get any better, we need to do the same with Burlesque.


Don't let it die on its glittery arse ;)


 And while you are at it you might want to search for Burly in the Basement in Plymouth which is new and happens regularly, Club Rainbow at The Rainbow Hotel on Torquay, Shhh! Burlesque and events on - all of which support local performers and especially THIS happening in Bristol in October:

And a plug of my own while I am at it...


The Rogues Gallery Vaudeville Tour:

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A Day into My Forties... [Jun. 10th, 2014|04:43 pm]
Miss Von Trapp
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It has been three months since I last blogged. Oops. I suspect you can expect me quarterly. Like the Gas Bill. What have I been up to?




Had a cracking hour long gig at The Highwayman Inn, Sourton:

Played a fantastic half hour set in the Cabaret Tent at Volksfest with headliners Toyah, Bob Geldof and Razorlight to name drop a few:

...and Freedom Fields Festival the following weekend - a short 15 minute set including 'Have A Pie'.  That's what I've been doing gig-wise:

And then I was played on BBC Radio 6 Tom Robinson's show during the After Hour's Steampunk Special hosted by The Gaslight Troubadours... Which was awesome!


Now I can add 'As played on BBC Radio 6' to all my schtuf!


And then I was 40.


Yes it was my birthday yesterday and now I am officially middle-aged. How did that happen? When I started this livejournal I was 29!!

Anyhow, next weekend on the 14th June I shall be continuing to celebrate my birthday (taking a week to get used to the idea) at The Carnivale of The Peculiar, Exeter Phoenix.


I shall be kicking off events in the Black Box at 8pm sharp for half-an-hour.


Stabcurdle Jack will be played. Have a Pie will be played. Gin will be consumed and I shall see you there along with all the other great performers listed below...


*hint hint*

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Upcoming Gigs With Posters: Note none for September as I'll be in Rehab. Probably. [Mar. 19th, 2014|01:38 pm]
Miss Von Trapp
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Available for weddings, funerals, festivals,cabaret nights, birthdays, bar mitzvahs, Halloween,Christmas, anything but children's parties...  


I can do anything from 5 minutes to 40 or more dependent on your requirements. 


*not yet road-tested on under-10s. Probably best not. Pensioners are fine though.


Upcoming Shows:2014:   


22nd March 2014:  The Highwayman Inn, Sourton, Nr Okehampton. An hour of horrible humour, dark cabaret and vaudeville folk.  Join me for a singalong in two half hours - room for a wee in the middle. Or a gin.  For details see here: 


23rd - 26th May 2014:  Volksfest Cabaret Tent 2014 with performers such as Marcel Lucont, Hal Cruttenden, Abigail Collins and more...

14th June 2014:  The Carnivale of the Peculiar: The Mysterious Freakshow Present a night of Steampunkery, Oddities and the Unusual, Exeter Phoenix. I will be playing in the Dark Cabaret room and celebrating my 40th birthday. Do join me!  Ticket link here:
25th June 2014:  Pennycomequick Arts present 'Black Books': An evening of spoken word, performance, random acts of art and yours truly, Mayflower Bar on Plymouth's historic Barbican.  


5th July 2014:  Steampunk Ball, The Market House, St Austell. 


14th - 18th August 2014: Alt-Fest 2014: The Steampunk Experience! With Professor Elemental, Gladstone, Lord Montague Jacques Fromage, Birthrite, Metropolis, BB Blackdog, The Mysterious Freakshow, Frenchy and The Punk and more fantastic bands than you can shake a teacup at... The main stages have Marilyn Manson, Fields of The Nephilim, VNV Nation, The Cult, Gary Numan, Killing Joke... Too many to list. It's going to be MASSIVE!!

11th October 2014:  Rogues Gallery: A Neo-Vaudeville Night of Delights, Barnfield Theatre, Exeter. With The Copperfield Ensemble Project, Compering and Comedy from Cerys Nelmes, Burlesque from Angelique Dominique, Magician Marc Lobb, Dark Cabaret by myself and more. The Ultimate Authentic Music Hall Experience. Period Costumes Actively Encouraged...31st October 2014: TBA


1st November 2014:  Halloween Show, Club Rainbow, Torquay. 


13th December 2014:  Steampunk Extravaganza, Exeter TBC  




More tba as I confirm them. Usually I require a minimum of a month's advance notice of the date if you wish to book me unless it's for HALLOWEEN... In which case, book now!  


And check as more keep being added xxxx

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March? Already? Oh no I Am A Quarter Gone!! [Mar. 12th, 2014|09:03 am]
Miss Von Trapp
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Last night it occurred to me that I haven't updated my blog since New Years Eve or thereabouts.  That's a bit rubbish of me, isn't it. While I've been updating in snippets on facebook and twitter I haven't actually written anything in ages.


So WHAT have I been doing so far this year and what am I currently up to besides hauswerk avoidance?


Valentine's saw me doing a full half hour show at Club Rainbow in Torquay which went down fantastically well! Thoroughly enjoyed my stay in a hotel room for the weekend with superb food, welcoming staff and I got to perform too. I will be back there for Halloween... Yes. Booked already... :D


It was a brilliant show with fabulous performers and a completely packed and appreciative audience. I played to a full house of 250ish people and had TWO standing ovations!!

You can see the full show on my youtube:


After which I have been busily confirming and arranging gigs for the rest of this year. Looking like at least one a month so far which is perfect when you basically do a 'thing' to guarantee a Mummy's Night Out from the dayjob. I never meant to be this popular but I am SO SO grateful to all of you.


Have a look at my gig dates page on and you'll see where I am and what I am doing. It's the only way I can keep track lol...


Last night I was played on GASP Radio again in an Alt-Fest special... SO MUCH LOVE in the Steampunk Community!! :D


And this week I am featured Audio-Visual Artist of the Week with Pennycomequick Arts PCQ.  I will also headline their next BlackBooks event here in Plymouth at Mayflower Bar in June. You will also find me on PCQ Arts radio show on 26th March 4-6 PM so don’t miss out...


Also don’t forget to join them for Night of the AVS at the Barbican's Mayflower Bar on 26th March from 7.30pm for the very first NIGHT OF THE AVs Featuring: the likes of 'Mrs. Lustleigh's Fancies' Oddbodies and 'Playmates' and 'Confession' Dimi Nakov (nominated at the Cannes International Film Festival) Alongside other great short films and the launch of Arts Magazine WONDERZOO?!avoftheweek/c24vq


PCQ is a community arts movement based in Plymouth, the South West of the United Kingdom and I feel it is always important to support Arts in your area so am excited to be working with them.


My next gig is on 22nd March at The Highwayman Inn, Sourton.  Not that far off and I will be playing TWO half hour sets in this beautiful haunted pub... Promise not to scare them too much....

Doesn't it look beautifully creepy and atmospheric in there. Going up on the bus with my acoustic cello and will be celebrating the landlady's birthday so am looking forward to a singalong.


Get your worms ready!!

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Happy New Year!! (before I start on the gin and forget everything) [Dec. 31st, 2013|05:06 pm]
Miss Von Trapp
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Is it gin'o'clock yet?


Happy New Year to everyone and much love and thanks for your supports in 2013!


It has truly been an Annus Mahvellous...




In the past year I have released a new album entitled 'Songs To Die For' available at,wrote an article in two parts for  This Is Cabaret and performed at so many shows and festivals...


They were all Mahvellous but my highlights were being in not one, but TWO Steampunk Extravaganzas with Professor Elemental, the Christmas Yule show featured a duet of 'Fairytale of CSI New York' which can be found on my youtube (, an avant-garde fashion show, an afternoon tea, Volksfest 2013, a 4 night theatre run with Exeter Alternative Theatre with performances from Lilly Laudanum, Velma Von Bon Bon, Sandy Sure and myself, and an evening at Wookey Hole - where thankfully I didn't move in as resident witch. Was a close call though...


You can find past gig dates and forthcoming shows on


Next year you can expect to see me at various venues around the South West including Brass Brunel: Bristol's first Steampunk Festival and further afield at Alt-Fest 2014, Kettering, in the Steampunk Zone. Perhaps another duet with Professor Elemental is on the cards...


And the year begins for me on 15th February at Club Rainbow, Torquay for "Till Death Us Do Part"; expect to hear my anti-valentine classics and some truly Tragic Moments ;D


So excited!!!


Love you all...


Miss Von Trapp xxxx


"If Sweeney Todd was a cellist instead of a barber he may have sounded like Miss Von Trapp!" - This Is Cabaret Halloween Twitter (October 31st, 2013)


"A phenomenally dark, twisted, inspired and brilliant performance. We loved every minute of it, thank you!" - Exeter Alternative Theatre Review of Live Show at Exeter Phoenix Steampunk Spectacular. (May 17th, 2013)


"Dark, Satirical, Brilliant" - The Elegant Savages 'Songs To Die For' Review. (April 23rd, 2013)

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In the Bleak Midwinter [Dec. 17th, 2013|05:01 pm]
Miss Von Trapp
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In the Bleak Midwinter
Frosty wives made moan
Children with old clothes on
Husbands leaving home
Costs had risen year on year
Year on year
With bedroom tax and food banks
No jobs or owning homes.


Our God in heav'n cannot hold us
Nor Earth sustain
All our earnings taxed away
Money down the drain
In the bleak midwinter
A stable wage sufficed
But for gas and electricity
We all paid the price.


What more can I give them?
Poor as I am
If I were a banker
I would spare a grand
If I were a rich man
I would do my part
Yet what I have I give them
All but my heart.


Last Christmas I gave you my heart, but the very next day you threw it away. This year to save me from tears I'll pickle yours in a jam jar...


©Miss Von Trapp 2013. With apologies to Christina Rossetti and Wham.


Image from SIDESHOW at The Barnfield Theatre, Exeter © Nigel Cheffers-Heard

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Fairytale of CSI New York: Think I may have peaked too early for Christmas? [Dec. 11th, 2013|06:51 pm]
Miss Von Trapp
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[Location |sexually frustrated kitchen table - it only ever gets food on it.]
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[Music |Bloody Cbeebies again]

It's nearly Christmas!!!

Since being in Sideshow at The Barnfield Theatre, Exeter at the end of October I have been non-stop busy.  November saw me getting changed in a Santa Grotto at Wookey Hole and performing in Captain Jack's Restaurant. I did two fifteen min sets at Twirls of the Unexpected amongst burlesque and fire performers, circus acts juggling with knives and all sorts. I am hoping to have the photos back from it soon but it was truly spectacular in the most amazing venue I have ever seen and I am still picking bits of glitter and fake snow from out of my gig bag...
At the end of November I have been busy laying plans for next year and training lots of Christmas temps in my real job. Two intakes of 68 sober people plus me and a powerpoint - honestly scarier than having an audience of nearly 400 people who have had a beer at least... Yes I am talking about my audience on the 6th December.
That particular 6th December in question was last friday and I was onstage at the Exeter Phoenix for A Very Steampunk Yule alongside The Wattingers, The Copperfield Ensemble Project, The Mysterious Freakshow and Professor Elemental.
I also performed a duet as part of my Christmas Carol Carnage set that I had written for us both back in May (that's forward planning for you) with the good Professor Elemental himself: A parody of Fairytale of New York entitled 'Fairytale of CSI New York'.  It went down very well indeed and the videographic evidence below has only been up on YouTube two days and already my channel has 130 hits to the video and the Rev's has 444 hits. WOW!!!

So what's next in Miss Von Trapp Land?  Surviving Christmas and the New Year. That's what.  And then next year all manner of gigs if you look on my Gig Dates page.  More are being added as they turn up or are confirmed.

I also have plans for recording a couple of albums next year if I can. Grave Folk: A collection of dark and macabre folk songs, and, of course, the Christmas Album: Gin, Frankincense and Mirth, which will have to contain the Professor Elemental duet properly recorded and whatnot.  Soon as I have worked out how to use copyright for backing instrumentals - it MUST AND SHALL BE DONE AND WE SHALL DO IT!!

At some point before the New Year I shall have to blog my summary of what has been a MAHVELLOUS YEAR.  So wait on that one, fiends.


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Happy Busy Halloween!! (and beyond) [Nov. 5th, 2013|06:13 pm]
Miss Von Trapp
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My sister's forthcoming EP is AWESOME. Listen to a preview here!


Remember remember the fifth of November
The gunpowder treason and plot
After Halloween season I see every reason
Why fireworks will be forgot.
As I am exhausted after last week,
Have fun with your rockets but I'll be asleep.


And check for hedgehogs in your bonfires. Wrap them in clay first as they bake better that way.


Oh I had a mahvellous week off from the real job with the lovely people of Exeter Alternative Theatre, performing 'SIDESHOW' for four nights at the Barnfield Theatre in Exeter.

I performed Favourite Things, Daisy Daisy and The Worm Song as my solo spot, and the audience also enjoyed awesome performances by the cast and Lilly Laudanum,Sandy Sure and Velma Von Bon Bon. I had an amazing time and made lots of new friends over the course of the run.

It was exhausting going by train every evening and back each night, but I stayed over with a friend on the Saturday night and had a great aftershow party with everyone. There is an album of photos slowly growing on my facebook page so take a look over there!

Next up is Twirls of The Unexpected in Wookey Hole on November 16th, followed by A Steampunk Yule Ball with Professor Elemental and friends at Exeter Phoenix. Hope to see you there! xxx

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Isn't it Grand to be Bloody Well Busy! [Oct. 7th, 2013|04:52 pm]
Miss Von Trapp
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Crikey last week was busy.


Monday/Tuesday school runs and gentle cello practice.  Then I went back to work on Wednesday after being off for a while with a neck injury for which I had physio and acupuncture in the afternoon. My dreams of being a voodoo dolly have been realised. I am steadily getting better, but not very good at being a patient patient.


"My candle burns at both ends,
It will not last the night.
But, ah my foes, and oh my friends,
It gives a lovely light" : Edna St Vincent Millay


Thursday, after school runs, work and other daily whatnot I had a show to do where I performed a new song and an old favourite at Dolly Delight's Jeepers Peepers at Voodoo Lounge. New song for a new venue...


'Isn't it Grand to be Bloody Well Dead' is an irish traditional funeral song from the perspective of a dead man attending his own funeral service, passing comment on the preacher, flowers, mourners etcetera. I had to modify the lyrics slightly as one line would potentially cause offence but kept the majority of the song intact with my own arrangement. Trad.argh.


It went down very well with plenty of laughs and joining in... and lots of 'bloody well' somethings as we went along. Post funeral song I played the Halloween favourite, The Worm Song' with plenty of grisly glee. I love that clotted cream line...


Had so much fun that I sortof lost track of time so then I did a Stupid Thing.


So Thursday night/Friday morning I got to bed at 2am after performing at Dolly Delight's...Then I was up again at 7am for school run, straight into work til 2, home at 2.30 and next school run at 2.45, home at 4pm...


Suddenly realised at 5pm I had not eaten anything all day. 




In fact I had only consumed leftover show candy and masses of coffee all day. I had a fryup and then couldn't be bothered with corsetry to go out to 'An Evening of Burlesque' with my husband. 


Had two gin and tonics...Oopsie...


Which is probably why, in my defence, I 'accidentally' wound up joining the end of the cast seating row for the aftershow autograph signing.


That's my story and I'm sticking to it...


Anyway, this week has started with me collecting my newly repaired tricycle and riding it home only to find another problem and having to ride it back again already...


The rest of the week I have work and rehearsing for my next show with a workshop to get to next Sunday.  I am very excited about this next venture, though I have yet to sort childcare (it will be done), as I have not been part of an actual full theatre production since being involved with Weird Cabaret at the Barbican Theatre, Plymouth in 2003 - 2004.


Can't wait to get up there and workshop schtuf as my training is in physical theatre. It's going to be a lot of fun and will run for four nights over my favourite time of the year... HALLOWEEN!!


Details are below:




8.00pm – Wednesday 30th October – Saturday 2nd November
Tickets £12.50 (Students £10.00) from 01392 271808 or

Thursday: Dolly Delight's Jeepers Peepers "Look at the mourners, bloody great hypocrites, Isn't it Grand, boys, to be Bloody Well Dead?"

And this is what I got up to on Friday night... I 'accidentally' joined the autograph lineup on the wrong side at 'An Evening of Burlesque' at Plymouth Pavilions. Naughty Miss Von Trapp saw a free chair on the end of the cast row... sat in it, schmoozed and shared skull lollipops *cough*


After the 'Sideshow' run I will have barely 14 days to prep for the next show... at Wookey Hole in Somerset. I shall do my utmost not to become resident witch but I can't promise anything...




Be seeing you!

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Roll up! Roll up! Upcoming Shows! [Sep. 23rd, 2013|01:40 pm]
Miss Von Trapp
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Halloween is fast approaching!!
And I am very excited... oh yes!! :D


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Newspaper review of my most recent gig... [Sep. 10th, 2013|05:23 pm]
Miss Von Trapp
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Realised I failed to blog the most mahvellous review of my most recent gig at the B-Bar, Barbican Theatre Plymouth, during which I played my Murder Lounge and performance poetry set of Blood and Marriage, Tragic Moments, Roses Are Red, As I Do Time and Say it with Flowers...


"Miss Von Trapp took to the stage made up like Aunt Sally with her cello and theatrical weirdness; she's certainly and acquired taste but unique and highly entertaining in an alternative theatre kind of way. You can't help but love her!


A mixture of live music and comedy this was raw entertainment at its best."


Look mum! I'm in the local paper!! (people have been telling me this since it came out - I knew. I was there!)

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