Wave Hello to 2018!! Pleased to meet you!!

As we say goodbye to 2017 and wave hello to 2018 there is something I'd like to share...

All my life I have burnt the candle at both ends. It has been bright and spectacular but since it met in the middle a couple of years or so ago with fibromyalgia and CFS I have been learning to pace myself and burn incrementally less often in order to keep the bright light going.

So far it's working. So although I have been picky and choosy about where and when I have performed in 2017 so I've had less gigs, the time I have spent doing all of them has been quality and utterly fantastic and I've ended the year with a MAHOOSIVE wonderful time hosting the entire Exeter Steampunk Yule Ball and having over EIGHT THOUSAND VIEWS on an hour long FACEBOOK LIVE Halloween special - which is now on YouTube.

Clicky clicky!! https://youtu.be/MCWvOTnCXdY

Advice to the many performers out there who battle chronic pain and fatigue... it's not how much you do. It's what you do that counts. Don't break yourselves!!

Thankyou to everyone who has booked me and supported me and been there all year.

Next year is a year of focussing on recording and making new music releases... I won't be a complete hermit and I'll still be taking some bookings... I'm aiming for just as productive as 2017 but also more creative retreat.

Watch this space!!

Or my YouTube with highlights from the Yule Ball and a crazy new action song from Phoenix Alternative Festival back in August;)

Happy New Year!! Xxx

Do Your Gears Hang Low? https://youtu.be/pKsE2akBquY

Some Pictorial Highlights of 2017:

Shhh Burlesque at The Brewhouse Theatre, Bridgwater.

Frome Steampunk Extravaganza.

An hour in Ilfracombe at the Victorian Steampunk Weekend.

Phil Fest at The Nowhere.

Exeter Cavern taken on black and white film with The Wattingers.

Late Friday Night Cabaret with Jezebel Steele, hosting the Saturday Steam Train ride with my ukulele and the GASP Radio stage on Sunday afternoon.

Scaredy Acts at Annabels.

An hour long Halloween Dead in Session live special.

Performing and compering the Exeter Steampunk Yule Ball.

That moment onstage with The Gaslight Troubadours during which I gave birth to the severed head of Donald Trump...



Future Songs

You may have noticed MVT gigging less this year. This is pretty much due to the fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue (M.E) and it seems even once a month means I don't have any reserves left to actually record more schtufs either.

I would like to be recording more schtufs for your aural assault as i have at least two albums in my head to do already so may drop from monthly giggage to quarterly next year, like the gas bill. Or even take a year out so that I can focus on recording them. See how it goes.

I'm not dropping MVT totally after Christmas but I need to pace myself more and do new things.

What say you?


Bother. It's already February. Apologies for the hiatus.

I haven't posted since August last year. I have missed the traditional end of year summary on account of being ill for 3 weeks with the Queen's Cough and I have been generally rubbish at the Blogosphere.

Sorry. There has been a lack of communication for several reasons. One of them being I have mostly been rubbish with online schtuf. 2016 wasnt the best year for many people and it kindof hit me too. It wasn't the worst year though and I kept up with Facebook but not with blogging.

Additionally I was busy with gigs and werk and parenting plus learning how to manage chronic pain and fatigue...

SO I've reduced the amount I am gigging to once a month and only more if I can manage it.

This doesn't mean Miss Von Trapp is in decline, although I have turned 42 so clearly the end is nigh and I haven't yet discovered the meaning of life either...

...but it means that I am becoming LIMITED EDITION.

When you do see me I will be more firecracker and less frazzled hausfrau. More of a personality figure for hosting and stuff as well as the musical dark comedy. That's the plan.

My candle burns at both ends and all that. You know the Millay quote and, if not, Google it.

Either way, expect to see me busy in 2017... but pacing myself!! Beginning on the 18th February at The Brewhouse in Taunton which I'm very much looking forward to.

Please check http://www.missvontrapp.com for gig dates.

Happy New Year!!

Btw, my favourite pictures from last year are below playing as The Wattinger Trapp. An awesome collaboration for Yule and I got my bass guitar out too!!


Year so far and what's to come...

25th February 2016: Black Books: The Word, The China House, Plymouth. Pioneering poetry and new songs... with no clown paint!!

19th March  2016: Musical Madam's Mixtape, International Women's Day, Exeter Phoenix. Snow White post wedding vents her marriage and parenting angst. With a new ukulele song "Love I'll tear you Apart".

24th - 26th June 2016: Airship Northstar, Ford and Etal Estate, Northumberland. 10 miles from Scotland marring a beautiful location with a gruesome music hall singalong.

9th July 2016: Tavistock Edge Fringe Festival, Tavistock, Devon.
Singing in the rain!

12th - 14th August  2016: Phoenix Alternative Festival, Llanfyllin Workhouse, Powys, Mid Wales. Half an hour with Have a Pie and more on the Friday night then a Singalong Steam Train VIP Trip Saturday morning plus singing with the Dark Design in the evening and a slot in the late night cabaret.

Still to come:
3rd September 2016: Steaminster, Warminster Athanaeum, Wiltshire, with The Wattingers and The Filthy Spectacula.

9th September 2016: Madame Fandango's Vertigo Vaudeville, Sound Nightclub, Penzance, Cornwall.

25th September 2016: Black Books, Union Street Party, Plymouth Art Weekender.

28th October 2016: Frome Frightfest, Silk Mill, Frome, Somerset.

5th November 2016: Reserved, TBA

3rd December 2016: Private Party

10th December 2016: Steampunk Pirate Yule Ball, Exeter Phoenix

18th February TBA... watch this space!

For more photographic evidence and informations check http://www.facebook.com/missvontrapp


2016 is just around the corner...

I have had a tremendous year. So busy that I didn't even finish my October blog post. It was such a completely mahvellous whirlwind of events over the whole year crammed in between parenting and werk that I have got this far and am now feeling a bit broken. Been at it hammer and tongs for a whole year and not stopped for a proper rest.

I have travelled and not slept and had fantastic shows with fantastic people almost non stop since last February. Just look at my gig schedule on http://www.missvontrapp.com... And read all about it in my previous blog posts on here!!

So many highlights so here's just a few off the top of my head: MorecambeSteampunks, Annual Einsturzende Neubaten Party at Electrowerkz, Decodanse in London with Joe Black and Marcella Puppini and more... and Phoenix Alternative Festival in Llanfyllin with Doctor and The Medics and Shocktober and Yule and and and... many many mahvellous others... All of them really. Loved every moment!!

And 2015 was also the year I turned down Britain's Got Talent.  They really really wanted me with mobile numbers and meetups arranged but I just didn't want to do it. Have been busy enough this year and I already have a mahvellous audience without adding television into it... and signing my soul away to Simon Cowell.

It was also the year I was sculpted as a mini metal figurine by Oakbound Studio  as part of their Legends of British Steampunk  collection. How cool is that? Preserved in lead for eternity!! Plus you can buy me...

October found me doing SEVEN SHOWS in the space of less than four weeks - which was incredible if not a bit crazy.   And lots of compering in two of them and duetting with Kiss Like Ether at one of the shows. My audiences have been incredible also over the whole year for which i am eternally grateful. It can be a bit lonely onstage on yer own with your legs wrapped round your instrument.... I love you all!!

And then there was Yule...I had an hour long singalong workshop where I trialled new material for children over 10 and grown ups - and will be on the next album - and duetted with the Mysterious Freakshow and Professor Elemental. It was an absolutely incredible experience. Yes I only had 3 hours sleep before werk the next day but it was completely worth every minute. Just look at these awesome photos...

Wearing a new sparkly top hat made by Penny Bizarre, my Childcatcher coat made by Lilly Laudanum and corsetry from All woman corsets. Photo by Paul Ligas Photography.

Duetting with The Mysterious Freakshow. Photo (c) A&E photography.

Duetting with Professor Elemental. Always a highlight of the Yule Ball. Image copyright Paul Ligas Photography.

And finally I get to the end of the year and a stupid photo taken on the way to work makes it into the local paper. And it's about right. I don't think I'm in Kansas anymore. And I want those shoes...


So what's next in Miss Von Trapp world?

2016 promises more cabaret and steampunk festival shows, a prospect of much more compering, an Airship Trip to Northumberland, a ride on a steam train... and also much needed quality time to focus on new material for a couple of albums I have in progress so i am limiting my October schedule. I want to record and release Nursery Crimes and also a MASSIVE Christmas album.  And more collaborations. They're always fun.

And I'm going to be 42 in June. I might even discover the meaning of life...

Goodbye 2015. You were mahvellous. Looking forward to the New Year! HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!

All my love and gratitude for your support in 2015!

Miss Von Trapp xxxx


Massive Blog Catchup Part Two: Mid June to August (Phew!)

And so it continued...

Toward the end of June, we had the Rogues Gallery Tour visiting Brixham Theatre in the pretty little fishing port of the same name where I bought a Ken Rogers tricycle the year before...  It was hot, it was humid. It was weather - not just the atmosphere in the dressing room... and equally so onstage under the lights... I had the honour of gracing the stage with The Mysterious Freakshow once again for a duet of Alone (that's TWICE TICKED!) and also for a short set of my own material which went down tremendously well amongst performances from GurdyBird, Cherry V'edore, Marc Lobb, Angelique Dominique, Luna L'amour, The Copperfield Ensemble Project, Lord DaDa and more all compered by the ever capable Fantastic Ms Fanny. What a mahvellous audience!

I'm not alooooone....

Think that's me doing Favourite Things. Not sure.

And then also in June (i think) I played the Tavistock Edge Fringe Festival in St Eustachius Church Graveyard.  A beautiful setting and a beautiful audience who were in fine lungs and joined me for 45 minutes of family friendly singalong material.  I LOVE YOU!!

And then...

Up to Wanstrow for their first ever Steampunk Gathering - which was a huge success! Again, I played a 30 minute set which went down very well, and had a lot of fun with The Wattingers and Kiss Like Ether - who were extremely very brilliant and I am looking forward to performing with again...

Also I lost at tea duelling (but I only did it for a free cuppa) and compered the evening and hosted the raffle. Which seemed to take a looong time with a very deep top hat full of tickets.  Brilliant fun and I hope to do it again next year.

Here's me being an idiot in selfie mode with Martin Wattinger and Kiss Like Ether...

And here's me in full flow. Probably a clotted cream moment.

Oh yes and now we are nearly caught up...

Except that this last weekend I have had masses of fun inna field in Wales at Phoenix Alternative Festival. There was music from so many good people that I can't name all of them but: Daniel Malheur, BB Blackdog, Birthrite, The King Bains, The Wattingers, GurdyBird, The Copperfield Ensemble Project, Red Ruff, Metropolis, Lord Montague Jacques Fromage: Steampunkfunk Bizarre, The Dark Design, Experimental Sonic Machines, Driven Serious, The Big Fibbers and more... There was burlesque and performance from Titi Von Tranz, Jezebel Steele, Juul and La Dutchessa, Scarlett Butterfly and more... There was the Time Travelling Tea Tent, a costume competition, parasol duelling, Star Wars Steampunk'd... So much to do and see...

And I had the pleasure of sharing the stage with many many people and also the bar with the others.  I played both stages and made lots of new fiends and quality time with long term old fiends as well.  Much gin was drunk, much silliness was had, much sleep was lacked...

I performed in the Late Night Cabaret Show after Doctor and the Medics on Saturday night, then I was up partying till 4am and failed to sleep and then a 1.30pm show on the main stage the following afternoon which went down brilliantly...

It was the best holidah I have had in ages and I AM GOING BACK NEXT YEAR. Oh Yes!

Here's me in the bar at stupid o'clock in the morning with Lord Montague Jacques Fromage III and that Clive chappy from Doctor and the Medics. Oops.

And GurdyBird tooting at me caught on an actual polaroid camera!

If you want more pictures to nosey through and whatnot go and have a look at http://www.facebook.com/missvontrapp where I have very sensibly put everything into albums with everything in.

Go on. You know you want to.

Next post... future plans for the year.

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Massive Catchup Part One: Merry May to Mid June...

The Merry Month of May continued (after The Wattingers and I broke Crouch End on the 2nd) with me hosting a cemetery tour and performing at a church mission fundraiser all on the same day just a week later... Needless to say I did not lose anyone into freshly dug graves and even managed to eat vast quantities of MASSIVE Battenburg in the evening after I had performed.

I would call that a success...

Then later in the same month I travelled the furthest I have travelled for a gig yet. Plymouth to Morecambe with The Copperfield Ensemble Project for A Splendid Day Out Weekender and the evening masked ball!

As you can see from the photo above, not only did I perform a rollicking good 45 minute set with Have A Pie as an encore, but I added ANOTHER BAND TO MY PERFORMER WISHLIST - after Professor Elemental of course. Twice.  And The Wattingers earlier this year in March.

This time it was The Copperfield Ensemble Project.

I stood in for Hannah on cello for them and played another 45 minutes (with gaps) sight reading her music as she couldn't come. It was a lot of fun... after which I finally got round to eating my dinner at midnight with a few gins to wash it down - as you can tell from the group photo of me and some of The Copperfield Ensemble Project below. Oops.

Not long after Morecambe, along came June. Funny that. With my 41st birthday on the 9th and a jolly good excuse to celebrate it on the 13th...

Crouch End DecoDanse, Hornsey Town Hall Arts Centre. Hosted by Dis Charge and performances from Marcella Puppini, Joe Black, Velma Von Bon Bon, Fifi Croissant, Oh Carolina, Arran Shurvinton, ME, Carmen Monoxide, The Mysterious Freakshow AND The Copperfield Ensemble Project...

IT WAS MAHVELLOUS. I went there and back onna first class train with my muse and had an awful lot of fun with a brilliant audience. It was completely sold out and they were having to turn people away sadly so I do hope we can do it again for those who missed such an entertaining evening.

And I got to perform inna show with Joe Black and Marcella Puppini who were also on my wishlist AND do not one but two duets with The Mysterious Freakshow.


As you can see above, it was quite crowded in the dressing room so not everybody got into the photo. Bother.

Below is an excellent shot taken by my muse... which perfectly expresses my views on the current election results. But was actually a shot of the end of the worm song. It's my new favourite picture.

And this was barely the beginning of June, being only the 13th... More shenanigans and band wishlists IN THE NEXT POST.