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Happy Chocolate Sunday/Sundae!!! - :: Miss Von Trapp Bites :: — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Miss Von Trapp

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Happy Chocolate Sunday/Sundae!!! [Apr. 11th, 2004|08:09 pm]
Miss Von Trapp
[Mood |drunkdrunk]
[Music |DeLien : Lost Belief (or 'Metal Mickey sings goth' hehe)]

Last night was amazing!!

Met up with Leon et al in the Hogshead pub on Royal Parade at 7:30pm...gave him his presents, he loved his poem...

Everyone was drinking, Leon was SCREAMING drunk...he'd been drinking all day and I counted him having at least 8 large glasses of Rose wine as he staggered about hehe...

I had one bottle of Smirnoff Ice; wasn't really fancying getting pissed, so Leon's father bought me a coffee instead, which was lovely!! (You can see me in the photo holding a mug hehe...Leon is in the middle wearing the tiara...)

We wobbled our ways along to Zeros at about 11pm...dancing all over the place, by which time Leon was wearing fluffy bunny ears instead...'stolen' from one of the barmen at the pub!!

We were dancing on the middle floor for a bit...saw Rob and Paul, alienfox, Andy Smith etc etc etc...then I went upstairs to hang out on the balcony with Simon and Shauny...went to Twinkles dancefloor and bumped into a guy (Andy) I've not seen in 14 years or so from Eggbuckland (my sixth form...he was in the lower year).

In fact, there were a whole load of people who remembered me from 6th form...quite spun me out; without even the need for Pete Burns/Dead or Alive lol!!! I don't remember an awful lot of my A-Level years...apart from arsing around with Kaffers Brim and the antics I mentioned a while back (School Confessions)... Those were the years I discovered relationships, clubbing and speed/dope abuse lol!! Happy days/daze;)

Spent ages dancing with Andy (oh, what a shame he's gay; god does it to spite me:/) and swapped phone numbers near the end of the night; he's teaching Drama in London...turning out like Mr Turley lolol!! (minus the shoes...)

I stuck around in Zeros with Rob, Paul, Mantis and Simon until 4am, when we all got kicked out and Simon drove me home, Sophie Ellis Bextor blaring all the way...got home at about 5am and collapsed into bed with my makeup still on!!


Woke up today at about 12 lunchtime, was in the middle of brushing my teeth when dad rang to say he was going to come over and collect me...AAAAA!!!

(put him off half an hour so I could have a coffee!!)

Was taken up to mothers to collect eggs, had a cup of tea and we went round to my little sister Helen's house (she's just got a house with her bf, Steve).

Mum and Dad stuck round for about 2 hours...then left...Kathryn (my middle sister) arrived at 4:30 with her two kids, and we sat about drinking tea...

Nick (her husband) arrived at about 5pm after a gig, and we all sat about in the backgarden at the table, eating chips and pizza and drinking beer...

Kathryn, Sarah (her baby), Helen and I were all born on a Sunday; so, according to the rhyme, that makes us all 'Bonny and Blithe and Good and Gay'. Helen decided Sarah should have Good, since it's her surname, but we should have one of the others each...she was a bit drunk after sharing half a bottle of white wine each with Kathryn...I had beer...

Helen chose Bonny, Kathryn took Blithe...
Guess who got Gay?
*rolls eyes*
Well, halfway-ish there anyway (70/30) lolol!!

Kathryn took me back to Mum's house at 8pm, where I am sat now typing this because my flatmate fell over in the living room this afternoon and pulled the wires out of the back of the keyboard:/


Now I have to go in town tommorrow to get a new one!!

Edit: At home: I've handily solved this by utilising Mrs. Tulip (my old p133)...she has given of herself for Mr. Hansol...how 'easter-ly topical' lol!!


For Ross : hawklord2112
(who obsesses over RPG books)

Ross would sometimes waste an age,
His nose in books, scouring each page -
For super monsters, scary freaks -
The uber stats and nifty tweaks...

'Cause Ross is nuts for RPG,
It seems quite odd to you or me -
But he's even been known to get an _______
When browsing his RPG collection!!


For Keith : vimster
(who obsesses over MS-DOS)

Keith (or vimster) was quite the fox
For typing in the MS box;
No need to prompt him, so I'm told
He rather loves the comps of old -

He'll often reminisce of when
He'd not click 'Yes' but
'GO TO 10'!!


For Rachael : dreadfulshadow
(who obsesses over horses)

When Rachael was a little boy,
A hobby horse, his favourite toy -
He'd jump and prance about his home,
And even in the garden roam -

An older man, he took a bride,
But looked for other things to ride;
As Rachael pities the pedestrian
And laughs with joy at things Equestrian!


For lostinarden
(who obsesses over Shakespeare)

A fair lass once was heard to say aloud
"I love to sit in gardens with my book!"
When asked the reason why she was so proud;
She offered us to take a sneaky look -

"Egads!" We said and she expressed surprise
At why we laughed so heartily at her tome;
The 'Works of Shakespeare' spread between her thighs -
Those well thumbed pages nestled in their home!


For spiralweaver
(who obsesses over David Bowie and the colour Pink)

SpiralWeaver's 'brand' of Goth,
Is not of the traditional cloth;
She'll not be seen in 'black and flowy'
But shocking neon pink.

And Bowie -
Spins inside her pretty head -
Though she'd prefer him in her bed!

Read 'em and weep hehe...


[User Picture]From: spiralweaver
2004-04-12 08:22 am (UTC)
Thanks honey,

I'm now sitting here laughing to myself. The poem is excellent and so very true!!
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: missvontrapp
2004-04-12 08:56 am (UTC)
I'm glad you liked it...if you ever get him in your bed, can I share??

(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: spiralweaver
2004-04-12 09:02 am (UTC)
If it ever happens I'll let you know.

(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)