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Miss Von Trapp

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Innuendo A-Go Go!! [Apr. 15th, 2004|03:21 pm]
Miss Von Trapp
[Mood |pervy]
[Music |Nick Cave : Dead Man in My Bed]

My Father's Organ

My father gave me a lift to work last night...and ranted the entire way about the church organ at Emmanuel Baptist where he plays every Sunday...

It's an original pipe organ from the 1900's; only one of three left in Plymouth (after they ripped out the one in Mutley Baptist - I kept a few small pipes and the diapason stop lol!), and the church council recently donated 70,000 quid to have it restored.

The reason why he's ranting?? The Minister at Emmanuel wants the church central heating on ALL the time, and has even been talking about fitting copper pipes under pews...all very nice for the 'customers' but it will fuck up the organ...dry out the pipes and leather straps, and most likely ruin it.

Dad has been inside it, putting buckets of water about everywhere in a vague attempt to combat this, and has been kicking up a stink with other churches about it...hoping that they'll stop the minister with his campaign.

I suggested they should hand out hot water bottles at the door...besides, churches are supposed to be cold and austere...how else do you stay awake during sermons? (I used to take my GameBoy and play Tetris hehe)

I think I'll convert to Catholicism (family are baptists)...I don't like happy-clappy evangelical services; much prefer scary austerity and latin chanting...then I can also lead a merry life of drink and debauchery and confess/be absolved on my deathbed lol!!

Anyway, My father *loves* his organ, and is desperate to drag me up to listen to the monster...will take Jui-ehh!! with me too, as she is also a fan of the sound...

Lent him my Schumann cd (Leiderkreis) and went into work at 9:15pm...


Nick Cave Rantage

Spent the majority of the night listening to Nick Cave again...this time the albums 'No More Shall We Part' and the most recent 'Nocturama'.

Oh so BEAUTIFUL!! I sat fighting back tears all night in a pathetically happy/sad way...those two albums do that to me; they have the power to induce tears simply through the beauty of the music and thoughts in the lyrics...

(the Elgar Cello Concerto also produces the same effect)

I was moving at the keyboard like my father when he plays the piano...swaying to the music as the post flew by under my fingers...good uplifting music is almost a religious experience!!

When I'm alone, I like to listen to those two albums, drink a couple of glasses of red wine and play my cello along with them...blissful!!


Jui-ehh's Human Rocket Propulsion Theorem!

Later in the night, Jui-ehh!! and I had *the most* bizarre conversation...

Would it be possible to launch yourself into the air with a simple firework-type rocket...and if so, how exactly??

We finally decided that we would have to sit astride the shaft of the rocket (it would have to be a big one!) at the top of something tall like a flag-pole, and launch from such a height as to describe a large arc on our descent...but our lower areas were likely to be so singed that we'd have to follow a trajectory that landed us safely in water...

Oh dear oh dear...


Interview With The VampGirl

(pilfered from just about everyone)

'I want everyone who reads this to ask me 3 questions, no more no less. Ask me anything you want. Then I want you to go to your journal, copy and paste this allowing your friends (including myself) to ask you anything' ...


Well, that's about it for today...I need a cup of tea, and I have work later.

Fun Fun Fun!!

[User Picture]From: abishag
2004-04-15 08:39 am (UTC)
O another one! All too many clergymen seem unable to grasp the importance and needs of organists (and to a lesser extent) bellringers, and their instruments. Trying to remember the power structure in Baptist churches...surely the Minister doesn't have unchallenged say-so over fabric-related things like central heating.
And surely the Deacons and the fabric committee or whatever would be interested in safeguarding their investment in the organ.
Much as love the picture of your father rushing around with buckets trying to protect his baby, it's not a long term solution.
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[User Picture]From: missvontrapp
2004-04-15 08:42 am (UTC)
He's a new minister...full of exciting ideas...last week he had the kids rushing around and checking under pews on an egg hunt lol!!

I don't know who has the final say...but this guys used to getting his way, and everyone knows his technique of 'agreement' is to pound everyone else into submission...

Dad is very upset about it...he does love his organ;)
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[User Picture]From: abishag
2004-04-15 10:54 am (UTC)
We've got one of those too! In our case the Easter Egg hunt was for cardboard egg cut-outs exchangeable for the real thing, all round the quite large churchyard, after the service. But her ideas are encouraging families with kids to come.
And she she is very reasonable and ready to listen about things like music, bells etc- though she does want to move the altar...
No wonder your Dad's upset.
All sounds a bit like New Labour- you get to vote on whether I come, but after that leave it to me!
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: missvontrapp
2004-04-15 11:03 am (UTC)
LOL! Thankfully I never got round to voting them in...

I lived in Liverpool at the time...in Toxteth to be exact...the flats that were burnt out during the riots in the 80's, and had been converted into student accomodation.

I was going to go out and vote, but someone had set fire to a mattress in a skip in the back lane...blocking my exit lolol!!

(lucky escape, otherwise I'd have been feeling the guilt for years after!!)
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[User Picture]From: hawklord2112
2004-04-15 01:06 pm (UTC)

OK then.

'I want everyone who reads this to ask me 3 questions, no more no less. Ask me anything you want. Then I want you to go to your journal, copy and paste this allowing your friends (including myself) to ask you anything' ...

1) i recall a ways back when you and "L" were first seeing each other you mentioned a certain "8 1/2 inches" to Debs. True or False?

2) what is your absolute favourite sexual position, how many people does it involve, and where is it to be performed?

3) If all History is Relative, there can be no such thing as "Self". Discuss.
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: missvontrapp
2004-04-15 11:46 pm (UTC)

Re: OK then.

1) Yes, thats true...and that was flaccid lol!! Actually about 10-11 inches when standing to attention, and not slim either...I know what a vampire feels like to be staked...AAAAA!!

2) I'm lazy...with one special person, in a cosy darkened candle-lit room and on my back hehe!! (also, I am a victorian prude, and very private about my body in actuality...despite my behaviour at recent fetish parties lol!!)

3) Eep!! I'm too sleepy to expound on that sensibly...perhaps I need to be stoned to fully think it over in a cod-philosophical manner (why is it all stoners think they're philosophers btw?)...

If we're all related through history, there can be no 'self' since we're all inter-bred members of the same mass lolol!!!


Will that do??
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: hawklord2112
2004-04-16 12:59 am (UTC)

Re: OK then.

1) Ouch! Still as long as he knows/knew how to use it..
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From: dreadfulshadow
2004-04-15 03:29 pm (UTC)
'(the Elgar Cello Concerto also produces the same effect)'

My twin sister, Carolien (R.I.P.), would play me Elgar whenever I needed a boost. I always feel very close to her when I hear it. I'm off to put Cello Concerto on right now in fact!
Thanx honey!
Love 'n' Stuff.... xx
Rachael.... :)
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: missvontrapp
2004-04-15 11:52 pm (UTC)
It is beautiful!! I saw Julian Lloyd Webber perform it when I was about 13 or so...got his autograph in my copy of 'Travels With My Cello' lol!!

Oh, and you should also listen to Dvorak's Cello Concerto in B Minor...simply awesome!!

(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
From: dreadfulshadow
2004-04-16 04:16 am (UTC)
Now then, Dvorak is simply legendary. Cello Concerto in B Minor has been known to make me do sexwee. Not forgetting Silent Woods of course! Simply divine!

I am actually contemplating a few journal entries about mine and my sisters classical training, Carolien in cello, mine in clarinet and flute, and the work we did together and apart.

Also, isn't Julian a jolly nice chap? I couldn't believe how lovely he was when we first met him. I met his pompous older brother Andrew first and didn't know what to expect from Julian. We were pleasantly surprised and mightily impressed how accommodating he is. A true gentleman.

A rather obvious favourite of Carolien's, not to mention her main motivation for her cello work was Jacqueline du Pre. How that girl inspired my sister to keep playing, and thus carrying on with her life, MS or not, astounds me to this day still. I still get cold shivers when I hear Jacqueline and her husband Daniel Barenboim play Brahms' Two Cello Sonatas. Also, when Carolien played Elgar's Pomp and Circumstance from Enigma Variations, I would grin rather inanely for ages afterwards, such was the joy brought to me. I just wish I had more of Carolien's recorded work, however, at her insistence, it was seldom recorded, preferring memories instead, which, considering Carolien was also Deaf, makes sense.

Gosh, I could go on for ever or longer here, so I'd best quit here honey!
Thanx again for the fond trip down memory lane.
Rachael.... :)

(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: missvontrapp
2004-04-16 10:38 am (UTC)
Jacqueline du Pres was SUCH an inspiration...I always got distracted by her hair...I have the same problem...catching it under my fingers sometimes lol!!

Carolien was deaf? I can see how she played though...ear bent to the strings to pick up the vibrations: I had to do the same at the last gig I was at, possible to do but it worried me terribly about how I sounded as I couldn't hear a damn thing!! I am in awe!!

*big hugs*
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
From: dreadfulshadow
2004-04-16 12:42 pm (UTC)
Yeah, Carolien was Deaf. It's not something I mention that often as it's not really relevant. She tried a number of instruments, however, the violin, although manageable, hurt somewhat with the vibrations in her cochlea, whereas the cello turned out to be ideal. This picture of Carolien and I not only shows how closely we resemble each other, twins being what we are (I still speak of her as though she were alive today still), but also about the hair thing you mentioned.
Rachael & Carolien.
Thanx again deary.
Big hugz in return.
Rachael.... :)
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: missvontrapp
2004-04-16 12:53 pm (UTC)
You two look incredibly alike!! If it weren't for her lovely long curls lol:))

(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: nnp
2004-04-17 12:19 am (UTC)
1. if you could live anywhere in the entire world EXCEPT where you currently live, where would be your top three choices?

2. do you have a secret name for yourself & what is it, if you do?

3. did you get sesame street in england when you were a kid?
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: missvontrapp
2004-04-17 08:21 am (UTC)
1) Easy!! Paris, London, New York...for starters lol!! Must work my way round all the listed timezones hehe

2) I have many names...I answer mostly to 'Bert'...(from Elizabeth), but also Liddy, Elidlebert, Eliddy, Lizzle-Squee, Tiggymet, Tagamet, Ittig, Ittigirl, Yizzy (Alexander can't say L yet!), Nap, Nappin... Ther've been many more over the years but I can't remember lol!!

3) OMG YES!! I *LOVED* it...not just as a kid. I'm utterly addicted to Jim Henson still, and watch two episodes of The Hoobs every morning. We used to lock kids out of the school library when I was a librarian for 3 years, wheel out the big telly and watch Sesame St. My favourite songs have to be 'Are You A Wasteroo' by the angry taps...and the version of Billy Idol's Rebel Yell, with a puppet dressed like him singing about the 'Rebel L' !!

(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
From: shepardshadows
2004-04-17 06:23 am (UTC)
So I was scrolling down my friends list. I overshot the start of your post, and the first sentence I landed upon was. My father *loves* his organ Maybe my mind was really in the gutter, but I was like O_O. Lol, ignore me. In a silly mood, I am :P.

1. Your most favorite author(I always use this)

2. What would be the first step you would take in attempting to over the world.

3. What was your motivation behind starting your vampgirl web page :P
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: missvontrapp
2004-04-17 08:40 am (UTC)
Haha!! That was the intention...shock the skimmers into taking notice;)

1) Oh christ!! I can't answer this! To be honest, I've read SO many different books by different authors that I can't pick an individual one...there's not one writer (as I would with a band) that I'd rush out to buy their newest book. Over the years I've loved Arthur Ransome, George MacDonald, Joseph Conrad, Clive Barker, Agatha Christie, Dorothy L. Sayer's 'Lord Peter Wimsey' books... My favourite book, however, is 'Wuthering Heights' because it appeals to my romantic sensibilities... Eep!

But you can strike Anne Rice straight off the list, I read her books every now and then, but I only really enjoyed 'Interview...'. The rest of it, while an enjoyable distraction, is poorly written and she believes her own publicity!!

2) Ooh, some kind of net infiltration, a leaflet campaign, followed by a Whist drive. I don't know actually... I have a plan to exterminate all Plymothians through poisoned free pasties though. Detestable cases of meat, potato and parsnip, and the inbreds who stuff them into their faces on Saturdays in town, making all magazines and books greasy in WHSmith piss me off a bit sometimes...

Oh, and I need a 'secret underground lair' hehe!

3) My vampgirl.com webpage was bought for me as a birthday present in 2000 by my ex-bf (who I was still with back then). It began as a few pages of my general interests and, as I learnt html, it steadily grew into the beast it is today, with all my fave classic vamp lit and poetry, and pages of my own research from my extensif libraire!! (ie. the piles and piles of reference books I have on the subject lol!!)
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