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Too much sunlight and I have a self-induced headache... - :: Miss Von Trapp Bites :: [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Miss Von Trapp

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Too much sunlight and I have a self-induced headache... [May. 8th, 2004|02:27 pm]
Miss Von Trapp
[Mood |migraine]

Work was a blast!!

I went in at 9pm (still late shift), all dressed up and feeling like a Diva/Audrey Hepburn... Not many people had bothered dressing up, boring bar stewards, and I got SO MANY jaw-drops and comments of 'WOW' from people...

Come 10pm and I had to be stuck in the Duty Obs office all night - which wasn't a bad thing because I could parade around with the cordless phone and everyone could see what I was wearing. I forgot how many times I had to recount the whole saga of how I put the outfit together...

Anyway, our team won - despite the fact that only 3 other team members had bothered to dress up - I think I counted for more people lol!!

Spent the majority of the night feeding lollipops to Sharon, attempting to prevent her falling asleep...she had been out with her boyfriend earlier in the evening and was wearing my black twinset cardigan (actually my mothers, but I have claimed it), and the two pink thin belts I gave her yesterday... She ended up wearing my coat because it was cold; they've messed up the heating system again and we have been keying in our coats for the past few days:/

I also got so thoroughly bored at one point that I filled in EVERY separate unused cell of the Mail Volume spreadsheet in a different colour, spent some time reading 'pseudo-reviews' in Stanislaw Lem's 'A Perfect Vacuum' and ate FAR TOO MUCH CHOCOLATE!!!


Chocolate Consumption Chart:

Green & Blacks Organic Dark Chocolate - Orange and Spices
Double choc chip muffin (courtesy of Leon)
Choco-Vanilla lolly
1 strawberry cream chocolate (from a tin, which Ben threw at me)
...and HALF of my strawberry cream-filled dark chocolate coffin from Whitby!!!


(and I won't touch chocolate for another few weeks now...)

I got home at 6am, went to bed, and was supposed to be meeting up to take photos in town today...but I've woken with a rotten headache. All that chocolate no doubt.

Silly me!!

Ho hum, off to play WoD tonight...have finally finished typing up last week's session on mortal_immortal. Took me a couple of hours so do enjoy it hehe;)

I got a postcard from nnp!! Wheeee!! Thankyou:))
(I share the same sentiment with that painting btw)

[User Picture]From: vimster
2004-05-08 08:06 am (UTC)
To be fair though, most people's idea of dressing-up is putting something clean on and brushing their hair a different way. It's a shame we all don't live by your own high standards; did your selection inspire work or act as a distraction?

Strawberry cream-filled dark chocolate coffin - how decadent! It sounds like the sort of things Japanese parents would buy their children.
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[User Picture]From: missvontrapp
2004-05-08 09:00 am (UTC)
Certainly didn't inspire work lol...the dress is rather low cut and the cleavage/general attire provided a HUGE distraction...

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