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Rowling for Columbine!! (think about it)

I was up all night reading Harry Potter books.

My sister has all of them, and I borrowed the first three, and started on them at 10pm yesterday. Finished them all by 6am lol!!

Couldn't put the bastards down, and now I am forced to admit I'm really enjoying them - she's bringing me the rest of her collection later today.

I've not read them up until now because I was 'boycotting' them (tho I'd seen the first film and rather fancied Alan Rickman as Severus Snape *hides*)... I'm a huge fan of the old Jill Murphy 'The Worst Witch' series of books... Read them at a very young and impressionable age (back in the eighties), and always wanted to be Mildred Hubble - even attempting to get the cat we had at the time into a bag so I could hang him on a broomstick I'd made...

(it was the only way Mildred could get her cat to stay on the broomstick when she 'flew')

Whilst Potter is still, in my opinion, pretty much a blatant rip-off of The Worst Witch, I must admit they're damn good. Bugger!!


Anyway, yesterday Shauny and I had a lot of fun being extremely snobby in Cafe Rouge (toasted teacakes, jam and cream and a pot of tea for two), I spent the 15 quid Virgin vouchers I found in a box from Xmas 3 years ago on 'Spirited Away' and the new Nick Cave single... and we both signed up to do intermediate level black and white photography on a monday night at the Art College.

I'm going to be uber-busy this term now... the photography course, my AS level Film Studies plus my own writing/painting and film projects (and still working nightshift full-time)!. Thank gawd I'm not doing any theatre as well... Plan is, I get the tutors for my AS level to help me apply for Uni next year doing a degree in Drama/Film or Drama/Media. Anywhere but Plymouth!!! GET ME OUT OF HERE!!

I'm off out tonight for alienfox's leaving do - 8-9pm in Goodies... Will see lots of peeps there. In the meantime, I'm off to tidy my room/rearrange my spellbooks hehe...

Btw, Foxy! Jill Murphy studied at Camberwell Art College too!! Good on you!!

Oh, and I've put my lipring back in - had to take out the stud as I scratched my gums behind it on a salt'n'vinegar crisp last week and it's still sore. Think I'll stick with the lipring now anyway;)

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