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Just a post for my own 'memories' really - before I go hazy on anything else;) [Oct. 20th, 2004|04:43 pm]
Miss Von Trapp
[Mood |curiouscurious]
[Music |Siouxsie and the Banshees: Wheels on Fire (ab fab moment)]

How I 'got Goth' : Let this be a lesson to you all!!
(VampGirl's very own downward spiral...)

I grew up listening to all genres of music from a very early age. My parents are music teachers and taught me to appreciate and devour everything musically all my life...

I used to sit on the church organ seat next to my father when he played voluntaries, marches and scary church hymns on the big old pipe 'monster' as he called it (proper closet Phibes he is!). I sat and watched transfixed through the entire Wagner 'Der Ring des Nibelungen' (Ring Cycle) opera when it was shown over about six weeks on the television - lots of huge staging and exciting fire effects...bit like a Rammstein gig lol!

I also used to get taken to big orchestral concerts/rehearsals as my parents both played in the Philharmonic orchestra - and had to sit about (or sing) in Philharmonic choir practices on a Friday evening - was almost always Handel's Messiah, Verdi's Requiem or Dream of Gerontius or some such...

Pupils in their teenage years would be coming in and out of the house for private music lessons ever since I was a toddler - some of them were posh public schoolboys who dressed 'punk' and such-like - and my mother would have me singing arias in latin and german before I was even junior school age - whilst I was still in Infants class!!

When I was 8 (1982), my dad gave me his old radio - and I kept it under my bed in my room, permanently tuned into Radio Luxembourg - sometimes Radio One - so that I could listen to programmes like John Peel and the Peel Sessions when I was in bed at night - or on long sunday afternoons when I'd gone to my room to draw or read... I used to make a lot of compilation tapes from them.

Between the ages of 8 and 11 (1982-1985) I went to school discos and danced to all the New Romantic stuff - I was utterly in love with Adam Ant for a very long while and then Morten Harket from A-Ha! when I was 11. I also started learning the 'cello when I was 10 years old.

I went alternative/glammy-biker then goth when I hit my teenage years.

At aged 12 (1986), one of my friends in choir (or it might have been orchestra - not sure) gave me a tape when we were attending a synth workshop. It was 'The Cure: Standing on a Beach' ... and I LOVED it. At that point I was hooked...

And then, at 13 (1987), another youth theatre friend gave me a tape with various stuff on it - Bonzo Dog Doo Dah band, Voice of the Beehive ('Beat of Love' and I think 'Barbarian' was on there too - not sure), Hendrix, The Stranglers, Siouxsie, Echo and the Bunnymen and The Damned amongst other things... On this tape were some alt/goth bands I already loved from listening to my radio all the time and from watching TOTP etc - but I also discovered more alternative groups to listen to as we shared our favourite songs with each other...

And then in the same year, one of my church friends who was about 5 years older than me lent me his Cure videos to watch - Live in Orange (which had just come out) and the singles - Caterpillar Girl and suchlike. I spent hours watching those tapes and totally fell in love with Robert Smith and began to develop my gothy image... At least, it was mostly plenty of blaaaack (my school jumper was, handily, black - as was the skirt - and I had a LONG black duster/nurses coat from an army surplus store) and lots of eyeliner...

I was also very inspired by the 'Doctor and the Medics' dancers in the video for Spirit in the Sky - this too impacted on my style of makeup... And the guy who lent me the Cure videos, myself and a whole huge group of mates who I still see (one of which works with me now and also reminds me of things I've forgotten - Michele) would go to the pub together after/during church and also have dodgy 'fancy dress' parties - which were ACTUALLY Rocky Horror parties - only I'd have to always turn up in some stupid outfit and then get changed/undressed in the loo when I was there so that my parents didn't know...

Tch Tch.

From the age of 14 to 15 (1988 - 1989), I was playing bass guitar in an all-girl 'rock band' with my friends (although I started with my cello as I had no bass or proper amp and the Norman headstock I was using with a hifi speaker attached kept blowing valves anyway... and we were crap and could only ever manage T.Rex songs) - we went to a lot of glam/spandex/rock/alternative gigs in the local scene, and I began to develop a more advanced glammy crossed with Siouxsie sort of style. I became addicted to crimping and huge cans of 'Hard As Rock' hairspray...

My goth musical/fashion tastes broadened as I met more people into the goth scene (the band fell apart in early 1990 over arguments over our name - and our 'lead guitarist' moved to australia with her parents) and we'd trawl charity shops for clothes to customise/shred etc - anything made out of velvet, lace or silk... and cutting the fingers off lacy gloves and things like that...

By late 1989/ early 1990 (aged 15/16) I began to regularly attend goth and rock clubs in town with friends I'd made at the gigs I'd been to with my bandmates when I was 14 ( Pete at work remembers... apparently I could drink bottles of Newcastle Brown Ale faster than it took for him/other friends to pay for them...) I was obsessed with looking like Siouxsie and then, later, Death from the Sandman comics.

I *think* 1989 was the year my hair went permanent black...if not, then I'd done it by mid-1990 definately!!

I'd go to Academy, Studio, Connections and Charlies on various Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights... and be pretty much hammered all night - big hair, dry ice and wild dancing... Listening to Sisters, Fields of the Nephilim and other big goth bands on the scene - but also still all the earlier New Romantic/Alt stuff from before...

At this point I was telling my parents that I was staying at church-friends houses for the weekend and that we spent the evenings eating pizza and watching music videos on MTV - this was partly true as this was what we did AFTER the club, but anyway...

Between the ages of 16 to 18 (1990-92) I'd spend the evenings before going out with friends listening to Bauhaus on vinyl - or taking speed or mushrooms, smoking Death cigarettes, being snotty elitist gawths and listening to Sisters, Dead Can Dance, Foetus, Skinny Puppy, Front 242, Sheep on Drugs and Revolting Cocks and the ubiquitous rest of it... Then we'd go out all gothed up and wasted...

By the time I turned 18 in June of 1992 I had a speed (and dope) habit - not a good thing even though I was damn skinny - and was out in clubs almost every night of the week. Naturally, I screwed up my A-level exams at a crucial point...

My tutor, Mr. Garner, told me I was burning the candle at both ends during my A Level English lessons.
I see him in college now as he's head of the Media department where I'm doing Film Studies and he describes me as 'a bit of a wild child' back then...

I was also kicked off A-Level Art during this time for apparently spending more time on my makeup and crimping than I did on my actual painting or other artwork (strangepixel will remember this vividly).

This wasn't true. I mostly slept in my makeup and reapplied the eyeliner at least in the morning and then gave my hair a crimpy-topup before getting through the day on caffeine and the weekend on speed...

The rest, as they say, is history - I've been crawling my way back up... which I'm sure you know all about from real life experience of knowing me, or from reading my nostalgic crap in this journal (or can imagine) by now... But I've never posted about my 0-17 years on lj before, so there you go;)


And, NO, I didn’t 'Get God' instead or any such crap after all those 'Got Goth' years - that's not the form of crawling out of holes I've been having to do recently and the above is not a testimonial in any way either... I’m not ashamed in any way of my past history – those years were both a blast and an education and I look forward to the next lot lol - though that's it for the drugs now (pretty much) - I'll stick with caffeine I think... and I'm just maybe a little more savvy, older and wiser about the whole thing!! ;)

Well, that was me, how did it happen for you?? *curious*

[User Picture]From: etceterate
2004-10-20 01:16 pm (UTC)
Um... hate to be pedantic (ok, I'm lying, I love it) but Doctor and the Medics did 'Spirit in the Sky' (well, the '87 cover version, at any rate).
And naturally they're still going strong...
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[User Picture]From: missvontrapp
2004-10-20 01:19 pm (UTC)
Oh duh - I always get the two mixed up... *editing*

I wrote this in a hurry at work after a can of red bull btw;)
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[User Picture]From: missvontrapp
2004-10-20 01:22 pm (UTC)
Why was I thinking Zodiac Mindwarp I wonder? *ponders*

Must have been for some reason/influence and now I *wish* I knew what it was:/

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[User Picture]From: missvontrapp
2004-10-20 11:01 pm (UTC)

I *think* I used to dance to it or play it at my friends house when we were putting our makeup on and crimping before going out on Fridays!!
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