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Procrastinating - Should be elsewhere. - :: Miss Von Trapp Bites :: — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Miss Von Trapp

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Procrastinating - Should be elsewhere. [Feb. 17th, 2005|02:52 pm]
Miss Von Trapp
[Mood |lazy/working/slacking]
[Music |The 69 Eyes - Stigmata]

I'm working on storyboarding at the moment and shouldn't be wasting time on the computer.

Zenvelope last night produced no entertaining results whatsoever apart from a John Paul Getty quote on the front of several envelopes:

"Buy what appreciates, rent what depreciates".

Ho hum. Cup of tea, cigarette, get scribbling...

Went to Joint yesterday with Jui, had a yummy cocoa with cream, marshmallows and a flake... Then popped in randomly to Dudes hairdressers and HAD A HAIRCUT!!!


Fact is, I have hairdresser fear. The last time I was in a hairdressers was 1997 for my sisters wedding, and only because I *had* to... The times before that (1986 school photo disaster - short all over/1994 curly dinnerladyhead) have been disastrous and sent me home in tears to bed after having exactly what I did NOT want...

This time I was okay... I had a wash and cut, lost about 4 inches off the bottom, had all the dead crap cut out and layers put in and had my grown out fringe evened out with the choppy layers...

(out of bed hair shockwave stuff)

Now I'm off to redye my roots and do some college work...

Ah, college.

Got to go into college tommorrow to hand in paperwork for exams and take back a pile of library books that are looooong overdue... Oops!! And also tell my tutor that I am still alive, just been a bit busy with other things and am not dropping out...

I'm such an awful slacker and bed is hard to get out of sometimes...

[User Picture]From: hawklord2112
2005-02-17 03:38 pm (UTC)
dudes is a great barbers. when i cant be arsed to buzz my own head i go in there (a fiver for a grade 1..)
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[User Picture]From: latexwarrior
2005-02-17 07:07 pm (UTC)


I need to go there and get my back and sides shaved. So as to leave the bit on the top. Donna that works in there is the only person that does my hair and dosen't take stray hairs off the side of the top. She has now become my regular hairdresser and I won't be going anywhere else.
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[User Picture]From: missvontrapp
2005-02-17 07:23 pm (UTC)

Re: Snap

Mike went there and got a pretty good cut too...the girl with the blue streaked black hair did it, though I don't know her name. The girl that did mine had brown hairm and I can't remember hers either... the cut is fantastic - a LOT shorter than it was, but my god - I can actually get a brush through it and it looks so much better for the chop;)

I've just re-dyed my roots as well, so I'm rather happy with it all at the moment - which is good, as I always feel crappy if my hair doesn't look good...

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[User Picture]From: missvontrapp
2005-02-17 07:25 pm (UTC)
I had a proper re-style plus hairwash and it was only 15 quid with student discount... I would have had the glass of wine or beer that I was offered but I didn't have it as

a) I was on my way to theatre and didn't want alcohol


b) as I am paranoid about hairdressers I was afraid it might cloud my judgement a bit lol!!

As there *was* no theatre when I got there on account of it being half-term (which I forgot) I wish I'd had a drink now...
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[User Picture]From: latexwarrior
2005-02-17 07:11 pm (UTC)


We need to chat on yahoo some time about the music to a song that my friends 10 year old son wrote. He's hoping to enter into the childrens eurovision song contest.
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[User Picture]From: missvontrapp
2005-02-17 07:26 pm (UTC)

Re: Music

I'm not going to be able to do that for quite a while as I use my parents comp... In fact, as I type this I am sat on the comp in the dining room - my mother is bashing away at the piano like a nightmare schoolmistress behind me playing hymns for Grandma who is sat in the armchair...

Dad just stuck his head round the door and grimaced at me before he ran away...
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[User Picture]From: missvontrapp
2005-02-17 07:27 pm (UTC)

Re: Music

Hopefully I'll be able to sort it out as soon as Mike and I get internet sorted at our own place - then you can come round and we can have a go at some decent music too:)
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[User Picture]From: vampyrepurple
2005-02-18 02:58 pm (UTC)
Hey there lizzi!
How's it going.
Wow you had a hair cut, not too short i hope.lol
I'm saving to get my hair braided with UV White, UV purple and Electric Blue hair extensions, should look wicked when it's done.
Oh by the way i am going out with Wasi now, he's such a sweetheart.:)
He makes me feel so good about myself, and it's been a long long time since that happened.
Take care
Speak to you soon
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[User Picture]From: missvontrapp
2005-02-18 06:29 pm (UTC)
Hey Samm:))

Really good to hear from you...

The haircut - well, it's just almost down to the middle of my back at the back and just past my shoulders at the front. 'Cause it's layered I've gone quite curly as well - lots of ringletty bits:)

The braids sound fantastic, and I'm so glad about Wasi - he does sound (and look) lovely and you seriously deserve some happiness!

Hope to see you out again soon,
*big hugs back*
Lizzi xx
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