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Your constructive comments are appreciated. [Feb. 26th, 2005|05:37 pm]
Miss Von Trapp
[Mood |contemplativecontemplative]
[Music |David Bowie : Fame]

I am getting a bit bored with vampgirl.com. I've not updated it in a long while now as I ran out of space and have had issues with hosts and whatnot... I'm thinking I *will* update the whole lot (i suppose) in the summer when I have some free time and then leave it as a complete piece - a finished project.

I have a LOT of members on the forum - and I don't want to give that up or let them down, but after a big haul when I get round to it I don't think I want to update the site much any longer... It really only filled a gap in my life for a few years (as my closest friends will understand the reasons why) and now I have a lot of college/theatre on the go and a fresh new start ahead of me and I don't want to be wasting time on teh interweb with page editing, promoing, site-whoring and petty bitching. I've never done the petty bitching (although I've had to defend myself unnecessarily on occasion), but keeping a big site going/updated used to take up a LOT of my time and I haven't got the time, inclination or enthusiasm anymore...

I have real life things and a happy present/future to enjoy and don't want to lose myself to a monitor.

Don't panic - I'm not giving up LJ, or the forums - I'm just being open and honest about the feelings/general apathy I have for the actual upkeep of the dotcom... Ok, so a big overhaul is in order and it will be done, but I thought I'd let you know and ask your opinion on the matter.

Should I make it a 'finished' site for academic information and whatnot, or restart the monthly updates of books/movies and stuff? Or should I keep the monthly book/movie stuff for the forum instead??

Quite honestly, I'd be lost without my moderators - they do a damn fine job and I promise I won't let you guys down - it's only the actual future of the site that hangs in the balance here...

Ideas? Anyone?

From: pinkbat1407
2005-02-27 04:36 pm (UTC)
I agree with Vashe. It's been ages since I've checked the original site, after I stumbled across it for the first time looking for The Dracula novel. I'm sure that's what most people do, and (I don't know if this will offend you) I don't think the site has such a regular clientele who'll be, like, thoroughly disappointed if the site isn't updated regularly.
Besides, it's true that if you're given a choice between real life and online life - you must choose the real. And you can't really continue with both in full swing. Just make it a finished site, remove all the 'update' sections and make them into a 'favourites' column. And add something when you have time. Many site builders do that. Not that visitors expect much more. Belive me.

And whatever you do, just don't compromise on what feels good.

Love, Mandy
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[User Picture]From: missvontrapp
2005-03-04 03:17 pm (UTC)
Great idea about the updates section becoming favourites instead. I'm going to do exactly that with the books and pictures for starters!!

Going to get working on that in the next month or so:)

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