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Miss Von Trapp

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Work should not be allowed... [Dec. 28th, 2006|01:37 pm]
Miss Von Trapp
[Location |work]
[Music |Hayley Westenra]

I went back to work yesterday. Bleah!

I'm still partying, however, so am burning the candle at both ends as usual.

Christmas was fantastic - we cooked Bambi, two peasants and the three little pigs all snug in their blankets - veg roasted in honey... and FAR FAR too much alcohol!!

I got some wonderful presents - Pirates of the Caribbean 2 dvd being one of them, which I'd not got round to seeing when it came out - and all I can say is... ARG! THE SWINES!! WHEN IS THE NEXT ONE????

Oh, and we have a new wickle kitten called Malkin - she's a mix of tortoiseshell, tabby and ginger with white socks and bib - sooo cute!! Cassidy is a bit hissy pissy but there's been no fisticuffs as of yet.

She goes mad for toy mice too - very very fast and agile with them!

Ah well, I'd better get on - work to do!