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February 26th, 2005 - :: Miss Von Trapp Bites :: — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Miss Von Trapp

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February 26th, 2005

WARNING: FOOD ARTISTE AT WORK - BEST STAY AWAY!! [Feb. 26th, 2005|12:36 pm]
Miss Von Trapp
[Mood |groggygroggy]
[Music |Skinny Puppy: Addiction]

I am barely awake - might go and lie on the sofa for another hour...

Got home at 6.20am this morning, and realised I'd have to stay up for the postman as I was waiting on a couple of items which I knew had been despatched. As my parents are AWOL there would be noone about to answer the door for me and I wouldn't hear the bell in the loft...

So I dragged my duvet downstairs to the living room and have slept on the sofa. Postman No1 brought parcel no1 at 8.30am, after I had been asleep an hour and a half-ish. Postman No2 brought parcel no2 at 10.30am... Each time I was woken by the bell and crawled out of the duvet/fell off the sofa* to go and answer... My sister and Steve turned up at 12.30 to print something in the room behind me and have just left again...

I've had five and a half hours sleep with two interruptions... I can't really go back to sleep as I have a cake to create. I'm not doing the baking of cake bit - I've bought a coconut spong and a chocolate spong and am going to stick a choc layer of that one in the middle of the other and eat the spare (artist priviledge), then I'm going to stick a marzipan layer, then a white icing layer, paint the sides red, add strawberry 'lances' round the sides at intervals and a black ring at top and bottom with silver balls in...

What is it supposed to be?? An approximation of a drum... I hope it's convincing. I'm going to dent the top to bits as well and leave a couple of breadsticks on top for drumsticks...

Edit: Have used chupa chups lollies instead!

But I won't have time to go in town to go shopping (will do that in the morning before overtime 2-6pm then meeting Mike and off to the pub) - his Zildjian pint glass has arrived anyway - as I have to do this cake, and then am off to a fortieth birthday party at theatre in the evening, then off to see some Jazz band, then off to Black Catz.

I'd better bugger off and get creating...
(when I wake up - coffee, fag and croissant!)


* Its a nice long big sofa - long enough to sleep stretched properly, but lists at a funny roll-back angle. I actually slept fairly comfortably with lots of cushions down one end!!


Btw, I've tried to tidy up my fiends list - basically remove ones who don't have me as a fiend anymore... If I've deleted a name I shouldn't have pwease let me know?:)
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Your constructive comments are appreciated. [Feb. 26th, 2005|05:37 pm]
Miss Von Trapp
[Mood |contemplativecontemplative]
[Music |David Bowie : Fame]

I am getting a bit bored with vampgirl.com. I've not updated it in a long while now as I ran out of space and have had issues with hosts and whatnot... I'm thinking I *will* update the whole lot (i suppose) in the summer when I have some free time and then leave it as a complete piece - a finished project.

I have a LOT of members on the forum - and I don't want to give that up or let them down, but after a big haul when I get round to it I don't think I want to update the site much any longer... It really only filled a gap in my life for a few years (as my closest friends will understand the reasons why) and now I have a lot of college/theatre on the go and a fresh new start ahead of me and I don't want to be wasting time on teh interweb with page editing, promoing, site-whoring and petty bitching. I've never done the petty bitching (although I've had to defend myself unnecessarily on occasion), but keeping a big site going/updated used to take up a LOT of my time and I haven't got the time, inclination or enthusiasm anymore...

I have real life things and a happy present/future to enjoy and don't want to lose myself to a monitor.

Don't panic - I'm not giving up LJ, or the forums - I'm just being open and honest about the feelings/general apathy I have for the actual upkeep of the dotcom... Ok, so a big overhaul is in order and it will be done, but I thought I'd let you know and ask your opinion on the matter.

Should I make it a 'finished' site for academic information and whatnot, or restart the monthly updates of books/movies and stuff? Or should I keep the monthly book/movie stuff for the forum instead??

Quite honestly, I'd be lost without my moderators - they do a damn fine job and I promise I won't let you guys down - it's only the actual future of the site that hangs in the balance here...

Ideas? Anyone?
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