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Miss Von Trapp

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One Man's Morris [Mar. 6th, 2007|01:08 pm]
Miss Von Trapp


2 x tea
1 litre water
1 coco pops cereal bar
1 bag snackajacks
PJ Smoothie - Daily Detox Mandarin and Dragonfruit
4 jacobs crackers w/ cheese and pickle
2 slices homemade pizza - peppers, mushrooms, onions and goats cheese

Mike is out at his Morris practice again.  I went home, made pizza and listened to the new Em Frente EP 'Far from Home'.

I recorded cello on Track 4 and am rather pleased with the result - not least that my name is in the EP booklet.  It's a limited run of 1000 copies, and can be found following their icon on my friends list at http://www.myspace.com/lizzifugeman

Btw, I don't really see how I gained nearly 2 pounds from yesterday.  I blame the chips and bread roll personally... But it's rather disappointing.  Hopefully it'll go tomorrow.  Perhaps it's all the walking around work all day and lunchtime - stairs etc - that I've been doing since monday.  My thighs are beginning to get a bit achy!!  It could be my hormones however, I'm but a week away from the usual if you get my meaning, ladies...

Ok. I'll shut up now.