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Shopping plans and stuff... - :: Miss Von Trapp Bites :: [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Miss Von Trapp

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Shopping plans and stuff... [Aug. 27th, 2003|03:03 pm]
Miss Von Trapp
[Mood |complacentcomplacent]
[Music |Ladytron : Seventeen]

Jui-ehh!! tells me that there are a cheap pair of Mary Janes shoes in Barratts in town. Me want! Can't wait till payday now...

I also need to buy a DVD player...I've seen an Alba one in Argos for 38 quid...I don't care if it's a crappy brand, I'm short of cash and need one anyway...I want to watch a load of anime on dvd that a friend of mine at work has. Other things to buy include: Super Monkey Ball for the Gamecube (it's in the Game sale), Super Monkey Ball Jr for the GBA...awesome looking conversion...and tons of other games.

One of my workmates is planning a LAN party in a week or two...I can't heft this darn comp over to his tho...so I'll probably take all my consoles and we can play 'capture the flag' or Mario Kart or something...

And my GBA needs recharging...too much Poke-play unfortunately...I'm trying to level up all my 'mon to match Mumfie (Mudkip) who is currently level 20. And then I want to go and get my third gym badge before moving on to Verdanturf city...

*blah blah*

*goes off to post elsewhere*

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[User Picture]From: vimster
2003-08-27 07:28 am (UTC)
Me again....

I've played Monkey Ball Jr on the GBA, it's pretty damned good considering it's on the little'un. Very very frustrating though, especially on high levels, and I mean very. Not had the pleasure of the Gamecube one though, I've not actually seen a GC going - are they any good? They seem to be losing out big time compared to the PS2, or so I'm told.

Is that MarioKart 64 you're on about? I have been after that off eBay for ages, but the thing is really sought-after. Wouldn't want to pay more than £20 for it really. My ex-housemate had it though and yes, it's bloody good fun.

Steer clear of super-cheap DVD players. They don't play all DVDs correctly, and don't play some at all. It's better to save a little longer and get one for, say, £99. Either that or use the computer, it's what I do. But then I'm a cheapskate like that hahaha.

Anyway, hope it's all going great guns for you, until next tim.....
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[User Picture]From: missvontrapp
2003-08-27 07:41 am (UTC)
My new silver GameCube is awesome! Yes!!

But, I keep going back to the N64 as I only have a couple of GC games so far...Mario Kart is my favourite (always play Yoshi)...but I have about 30-odd diff games for it...

GBA games...my favourite again has to be Mario Kart...fantastic conversion...and kept me going into work early for weeks when I worked for Electronics Boutique a couple of christmasses back...

Bleh! Can't afford any more than that I'm afraid...if it's crap I'll take it back hehe!
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[User Picture]From: vimster
2003-08-27 07:59 am (UTC)
Ah go on then, take that risk. I've not watched any Anime for years, mores the pity. Golgo13, I loved that, perhaps not as whizz-bang as most, but really well done. There is a lot of tat though, although as long as you're riding on the crest of sex and violence, who cares ? :)

What time did you get up today? There was a Peanuts thing on Boomerang earlier, where Charlie Brown and friends were forced by Lucy to go to summer camp. At the risk of doing the nostalgia thing again, I've not watched these animations for literally decades; they'd be on BBC2 on Sunday afternoons, typically. I know how much you love Snoopy, so I thought I'd chip that one in.

Cioa for Now
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[User Picture]From: missvontrapp
2003-08-27 08:05 am (UTC)
I got up at about 3pm?

What's boomerang? If it's cable I only have terrestrial...

I know that one tho...have it as a storybook that my 1st year primary school teacher bought me...

"It was a short summer, Charlie Brown"

My favourite bit is when the Masked Marvel leans across and kisses Lucy on the nose...

"Foul! Foul!" she cried! "That stupid Masked Marvel FOULED! I@M THE WINNER! I WON!!"

The masked marvel was Snoopy if you hadn't guessed hehe!
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[User Picture]From: vimster
2003-08-27 08:23 am (UTC)
Yes, Boomerang is a cartoon channel on Sky. My neice was watching it, or rather she had her head pointed in the general direction of the telly.

I so love the soundtracks to the Charlie Brown things though, I have one "Oh No! It's Charlie Brown" by Vince Geraldi, which is that sort of jazz-ish stuff, but not too much so.

Right, sorry, I didn't mean to let this thread extend so far across the page, but I just had to reply.
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[User Picture]From: elves_uk
2003-08-28 05:40 am (UTC)
woohoo, games party, having one at my house on my birthday :) Not lan but consoles.

Super Monkey ball is supern, wanna get no.2 as well.

Think my games list is here http://users.ign.com/collection/Elves_uk

Coming down at the weekend, are you going to be around? Late friday night until mid sunday.
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[User Picture]From: missvontrapp
2003-08-28 07:30 am (UTC)
I will be in Black Catz at Tramps, Bretonside Bus Station this saturday...

10:00pm to 2/3am...2 quid on door! The best and only goth nite there is!!!

I'll be meeting up with wildgift93 so I hope to see you down there also:))

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[User Picture]From: elves_uk
2003-08-28 08:21 am (UTC)
will take my glad rags then, no idea how to pick you out though!
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[User Picture]From: missvontrapp
2003-08-28 08:26 am (UTC)
You'll spot me alright...take a look at the pics on my userinfo...and you won't miss me!

It's not a big club and everyone knows me...that or I talk to everybody hehe
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