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So today I had a suspected broken ankle and a cut hand! - :: Miss Von Trapp Bites :: [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Miss Von Trapp

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So today I had a suspected broken ankle and a cut hand! [Mar. 23rd, 2007|12:41 pm]
Miss Von Trapp

5 tea
1 coffee
bacon and cheese turnover
2 pieces marmite toast
dark rum and orange
2 pieces honey toast
1 bowl sugar puffs
tomato cup a soup
half a marmite sandwich

Seven days to payday and there is still money in the bank - what's going on??

Decided I ought to spend a chunk of it - so I believe it's a takeaway night tonite.

Got out of work at 9pm last night almost dead on my feet from tiredness - got up at 8am this morning to be a casualty for eleven people's First Aid assessments.  Hard work as ever but fun!  Very important to have first aiders at work - tho sometimes I worry if they'll take me seriously for a genuine incident after I've been their exam casualty... I am, after all, very good at being ill!!