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Miss Von Trapp

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Noises Off! [May. 24th, 2007|07:28 pm]
Miss Von Trapp

Poor Old Scratchy!!

I can play him sideways on my lap like a guitar, I can play him standing up like he's a double bass, I can make horrible splintering wood noises on the back of him if I loosen my bow a bit...

I'm going to spend the weekend trying to play him with bow and shoulder strap to see if I can move about a bit - rather than just the 'double bass' jazz spin lol!

Should be fun... Not too bothered anyway as he needs new strings, new bridge, major overhaul, electric pickup etc...


In other news, I'm thinking of putting together an avant-garde cabaret band. Watch this space!


From: crimsonhalo
2007-05-25 07:29 am (UTC)
*runrunrunrunruns up right behind you*


Holy shite it's been forever since we talked. How are things? I haven't seen a post in ages and wanna catch up sometime. :)
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[User Picture]From: missvontrapp
2007-05-25 03:24 pm (UTC)

It has indeed been a long time! And I still don't have internet at home...

Things are good - am married (wedding photos in my lj gallery) and we are both playing with bands and whatnot - and I'm still doing Data Entry for Royal Mail lol!

You? Still doing the halloween house of horrors thingy? I'd like to see some piccies of those!

Well, better get on with some work...
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