Miss Von Trapp (missvontrapp) wrote,
Miss Von Trapp

Thursday's child is full of woe

Oh woe woe woe woe... (name that song)


The Odd Ball gig on Tues was fun  intimidating students again - yay!

There are some very peculiar photos on my myspace of me eating my words (literally) and such-like...

I shall, for my next trick, be reviving the Token Folk Song.  I did it in the Folk Tent (ooer!)  back in August and it was both entertaining and refreshing after being scary mostly - a smiley interlude - so I'm not going to do a funny one this time - it'll be about a girl mourning over a lovers grave.


Have invented a suitably folky tune which probably does exist which would be why it fell out of my head so easily - but I think I've invented it anyway - or it's a good pastiche... And I have THIRTEEN verses of this miserable melody which I shall be working on soonish.

This forthcoming weekend I am off to see Spiers and Boden in Totnes Saturday night whilst my husband is gigging with The Ghost and Eye in the Junction on Mutley Plain.

He's being RAWKNROLL and I'm being FOLKY...


Catch you later...

Lizzi x
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