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Miss Von Trapp's Previous Giggage and Mayhem: A Horrible History

Miss Von Trapp : Twirls of the Unexpected

Have been going through my old LJ and photo galleries and previous paper diaries and whatnot in an attempt to compile my gig history for Miss Von Trapp.

It seems that in my absence (29th Feb 2008 to 6th March 2011) there has been a whole dark cabaret scene spring up that I have totally missed out on due to parenthood... and now I am so out of the loop it's unreal, and to be honest, very frustrating. I want to learn more about what's happening. Is there a 'scene' I belong to etc etc etc. Which is difficult now I am a mummy and this restricts the ability to travel/gig/circulate and whatnot. Buggrit.

Anyhow, cobbled together from various scraps of info I have left lying around here is the incomplete gig history of Miss Von Trapp:

9th June 2007:
Art Box Bus Opening (and my birthday)
July 2007: Featuring on Bowed Radio Episode 33
August? 2007: Freedom Fields Folk Festival
4th Sept 2007: Sanity Fayre
8th Sept 2007: Odd Ball Cabaret
25th October 2007: Acoustic Cafe, The Fortescue
31st October 2007: Halloween at the Mortescue
13th November 2007: Odd Ball Cabaret@Barbican Theatre, In The Flesh Festival
20th? (Saturday) 2007: Black Catz Goth Club
26th November 2007: Acoustic Cafe
29th December 2007: Odd Ball Cabaret : Last of the Year

7th Jan 2008: Bowed Radio again Episode 53
14th Feb 2008: Anti-Valentine Gig for the Death of Love, Acoustic Cafe, The Fortescue.

The one where I got pregnant and had to stop gigging shortly after incidentally...

So then I had to have time out apart from my husband's birthday party gig on 29th Feb 2007 - nobody can play a cello and sing while pregnant unless you want to play sideways and risk throwing up at your audience... And then being a mummy with no time to practice meant that I didn't get gigging again till Woo was old enough.

My Miss Von Trapp giggage and mayhem began again in March of this year...

6th March 2011:Twirls of the Unexpected, Voodoo Lounge
8th April 2011:Twirls of the Unexpected, Voodoo Lounge
8th May 2011:Twirls of the Unexpected, Voodoo Lounge
23rd June 2011: Va Va Voom Variety Charity night for Macmillan
28th August 2011: Freedom Fields Festival
4th September 2011: Kitty and Fanny's Big Phat Hootenanny
27th October 2011: Acoustic Cafe...

And that's it so far. As you can see I was somewhat busy, but am rebuilding it again. Where I go next, who knows. But I will mostly be wielding the Token Folk Song envelope and encouraging gory singalongs wherever I go.

Thankyou for reading, fiends ;)

sleep tight x

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