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Miss Von Trapp

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I truly work at 'The Office'... [Sep. 24th, 2003|05:20 am]
Miss Von Trapp
David Brent would have been so proud of my boss tonight...

Instead of our usual Work-Time-Learning discussion/moan session we got into two groups and had to do this...:


Value Judgements in Decision Making

You were aboard an Atlantic liner when it struck an iceberg. You found yourself in the water struggling to reach the only lifeboat in sight. After clambering aboard the boat you find it contains 15 people.
Unfortunately it is slowly taking in water. The reason for this is that it can only hold a maximum of seven people in its present slightly damaged state.

If anyone is to survive eight people must go! You (the group) are in charge and do not count in these numbers; your place is secure. The following are the people aboard. You (the group) must choose who will survive!

FRANK SMITH : A black minister of a Protestant sect. Single. Aged 51.

HENRY MATTHEWS : A waiter and part-time singer at a local night club. White. Age 25.

BARBARA LLOYD-JONES : An heiress. Has visions of becoming a tennis professional. White. Age 19.

BILL MANNING : A factory worker who has been saving for years for this trip. White. Age 45.

JOHN SAVAGE : First mate of the ship and the only person aboard who can navigate the boat. For the last two days he has been held in detention aboard the liner for killing a member of the crew. White. Aged 41.

MARY THOMPSON : A known prostitute who has been soliciting on board since the ship left port. Trained as a nurse. White. Aged 41.

JONATHAN BERRY : A doctor. An alcoholic who continually shakes. Aged 63.

DAVID AND ELIZABETH O'CONNELL : On honeymoon. Both Irish. Age 21 and 19 respectively. Will not be split up. (Can be counted as one)

SISTER MARY DAVIES : A headmistress of a convent school. White. Age 58.

BARRY WESTLAND : A polio victim who has been in a wheelchair since he was five. He needs some help with eating and the toilet. White. Age 17.

VICKY HICKS : Separated from her parents during the sinking of the ship. Has cut her arm badly. White. Aged 3.

GERALD WEINER : A war veteran who was decorated for bravery. Has been a university professor. Now unemployed. White. Age 55.

FELICITY WYATT : Does much voluntary work, although has slowed down in recent years. White. Age 71.

JOSEPH GOLDBERG : A wealthy Hatton Garden jewel dealer. White. Age 63.

JACK WELBOROUGH : A school teacher. Married with three children. Has been working abroad and was on his way home to his family when the ship went down. White. Age 35.

Come to a joint decision (!!) and consider your reasons carefully (within 15 minutes).


My group decided to save (I was a bit bulldozered and gave in on a couple) Henry Matthews, Barbara Lloyd Jones, John Savage, Mary Thompson, David and Elizabeth O'Connell, Gerald Weiner and Jack Wellborough...allegedly based on value judgements of age and usefulness to each others survival...

Who would you choose? Only seven can stay, eight must go!!

What a great night at work that was lol!! Now all I'm waiting for is for her to do the guitar-playing and peculiar dancing hehe...

Anyway...found out about yesterdays crash...brand new mini-cooper...apparently stolen...but the lads in it were taken to hospital and let out this morning, so thankfully noone died. Which leaves me to ponder the angle of the car with peace of mind. It was VERY impressive...one I would have been proud of making in an arcade racing game...something I love doing hehe...

Better go to bed now, got to get up and go to theatre for Weird Cabaret rehearsals this afternoon...


[User Picture]From: serpentbearer
2003-09-24 02:46 pm (UTC)
Which ones were you bulldozered into?

I'm guessing John Savage, Mary Thompson, Gerald Weiner and Jack Wellborough were saved for their usefulness and the others because of their age(!).

it's a difficult one though - do you save the younger ones because they've got longer left or the older ones who've already proved their worth?

Me, I'd take the guy who can navigate, the doctor or the nurse, and leave the rest to drown! Just in case the boat starts leaking even more.

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[User Picture]From: missvontrapp
2003-09-25 07:11 am (UTC)
I wanted to keep the little girl...but they wanted a guy who could sing and 'keep their spirits up'.


*thinks of Cliff Richard at Wimbledon*
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