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People who talk all the way through films seriously piss me off..

Went to my parents yesterday at 5:30 for my sisters 21st...

Mother was making a huge fuss over getting a chinese takeaway ready...and my middle sister was there with her husband, the baby and the toddler...causing havoc and making a racket...

The meal itself was nice...too much, so I put some in a box to take to work...but then my sis and I went into the living room to start watching The Matrix...mum and dad said they were going to watch it too...my middle sisters husband came in and watched the first hour as he had to go to play a gig, and my middle sister left to go and perform with a flute group somewhere leaving my mother and the rest of us with the baby and the toddler raising merry hell in the dining room behind us...

...smashing on the piano, kicking the printer out of the back of the computer and generally making a racket while my little sis (21 lol) and I turned up the volume on the tv, scowled and tried to watch the film...

Then the baby starts crying...my mother goes in and out making a heroic fuss of it and wanting play mats and stuff...dad comes in, and my little sis has a rant at him asking if he has a clue what the film is about by now, and getting very confused answers...she does the same to my mother who insists she is watching it, but won't shut up with talk of the baby and other such things...

I am getting increasingly pissed off...I haven't seen The Matrix before (Shame!!) and can't concentrate...then at a key point in the film...where there's dialogue I want to hear, out go the lights and in comes mother with a birthday cake...all very well...freezeframe and rewind...but then there's a big fuss because the toddler wants to blow the frigging candles out again...and dad wants a photo...

So my sisters birthday, when she's trying to watch a dvd she got as a present is roundly disturbed by screaming children and irritating parents. I swear my mother does it on purpose too...

OH, and to top it all...she opens a bottle of red at 9pm and offers me a glass...she COULD have opened it at 8pm when my middle sisters husband has left, but NO! she leaves it to when I have to go to work in 10 mins and can't really have alcohol before I go in...


So I finally saw the Matrix. Dammit!!! Just as well I have it on video, as I will HAVE to rewatch it and catch up on bits of dialogue that were roared over....*grumble*

I HATE that...which is why, when Jui-ehh!! and I go to the cinema tonight, I am hoping to find a nice empty area and switch my phone off so I can zone in and focus on what I'm watching...if ANYONE distracts me I'll be inclined to rip their heads off and pull out their intestines through their necks!!!!!!!

Btw...work was ok...typed like a bastard and vented all that movie/parents stress on the keyboard all night...at this rate I'll have RSI by mid-thirties lol!!! Did the goth-geisha thing in a black oriental dress with a HUGE slit up the side right up to the top of my thighs...god I was popular hehe!!!

And tonight is supposed to be a lunar eclipse...

Perhaps I'll feel better when that's done with...when I'm comfortably drunk and in The Loft (rock club) with Jui-ehh!! after the film tonight...we shall see...!!
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