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I'm so drunk I can barely see...thank gawd I touch type...

I had three hours sleep this (saturday) morning...

Went to theatre, did a matinee show, which went very very well, had about 40 mins lie-down (I never got to sleep...bloody noisy dancers) and then did an evening show...

The evening show went FANTASTICALLY well...the audience were waving their cig lighters and cheering by the last song, and we would have had the encore if the stage manager had'nt had a 'miscommunication' and sent us all to the dressing room....

Everything went swimmingly, apart from my attendants being late in the opening, but I improv'd till they arrived which wasn't long...


Saw Ray afterwards and got my copies of all the Weird Cabarets on video, right back to last march...cost me 20 quid, but hey! I like to have things I've done on record!

Had a half of worthingtons in the bar afterwards...felt so good to get out of a huge padded belly into a lovely tight corset...looked damned good too if I dare say so myself...

Wandered off to Tramps for the punk night on my own at about 10pm...saw none of my lj friends there, but quite a few others, mostly sat in a comfy chair up by the djs during the night and arsed about with Mark and Chris Wilsher...

Drank two bottles of London Pride and another bottle of something-or-other-Nob...either way I was thoroughly hammered...

Danced to many things including New Model Army and schtuf...great great nite...

At 2am, wandered/staggered drunkenly up North Hill with the intent of catching an empty taxi...but by the time I failed to get a taxi home and ended up on Mutley I gravitated toward Goodbodies, and finally sat in there with a mug of tea, cheesy-chips and beans...on my own, alone.

Was in there for about an hour, saw a female friend of mine whose name I forget who passed out at the last wiccan rite I attended...as I recall she was Air, and we had to make do without her...

Got a taxi home after stuffing my face...and now it's nearly 4am, my eyes are blurry as hell and I'm listing slightly to one side as I type this...


Now I suppose I ought to go to bed...

Thankyou to everyone who replied on my previous post...and to those who didn't: SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!!!



piggy jpeg
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Singing, Dancing, Directing, Producing, Writing,
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