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MDEC / MADNESS - :: Miss Von Trapp Bites :: [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Miss Von Trapp

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MDEC / MADNESS [Mar. 13th, 2004|06:34 pm]
Miss Von Trapp
[Mood |tiredtired]
[Music |Weird Cabaret songs in my head...and lines and stuff!!]

Sidenote: Tony Blair and Ozzy Osbourne should do 'Wife Swap'... Poor Ozzy would be *so* confused it would be hysterical!!

Ok, where was I?

(sitting at the computer, eyeballs falling out, needing to go to sleep...yes, I know!)

That aside, woke up this morning bang on 11am...four hours sleep, rang my mother blearily to beg a lift to theatre.

(green eyeshadow, washed-out tired green eyes...red eyeballs. Must have looked a fright!!)

Waited outside for my father, still with mug full of coffee in hand.

Got there at about 11:30am...spent the day running through all the sequences before tommorrow and working on some bits within it. I'm officially NOT doing the onion-eating piece (thank god), as I will be singing two verses of 'Fish Heads' solo immediately after... And the opening verse of 'They're Coming to Take Me Away, Ha Ha!' on my own, in blues style. Not only would onion-eating mess up my voice, but I probably wouldn't be able to see afterwards lol!!

Had 45 mins for lunch at half-one, left my mug in the bar by accident...

Continued rehearsals till 6pm, got downstairs and found Jane had washed my mug for me... Must take more in tommorrow lol!! Andy dropped me home, listening to the cricket commentary along the way: I was dying with laughter at all the unintentional innuendos!! Must be tiredness...

Going to bed in a bit, get a good night's rest before the show tommorrow; we have to be in by 11am for a vocal rehearsal, then will work bits through the day...full run through at 2:30pm and the doors open at 6:30ish.



After all that... Here's the stuff I wrote at work last night; with the exception of 'Eye Drone', which I wrote earlier, but have added to the group as it finishes it all rather nicely;)

It's compiled as one poem for each MDEC that we key on... I'm not going to bother with the 6 trials MDECs (Manual Data Entry Centre) as that would be overkill lol!!

MDEC Mantra

MDEC 1 : Manual Data Meltdown
MDEC 2 : Complaint
MDEC 3 : Finger Jockey
MDEC 4 : Eye Drone

Manual Data Meltdown

Oh! My nightshift is going swimmingly!
Brain to finger symbiosis;
Perfect synchronicity!
I'm strumming the qwerty in vicious voracity,
Killing the keyboard with cruel capacity!

Eyes up, Eyes down
I'm typing frantically
Screen tilt, Head melt
Blurred rapacity!

Oh! My nightshift is going swimmingly!
Mountains of data are streaming endlessly!
Galloping off from my screen as I type,
All over the country and on through the night.

Zone in, Key out
Time is ticking
Head tilt, Eyes melt
Fingers clicking!

Oh! My nightshift is going swimmingly!
But, Oh! My monitor is also going swimmingly blurry;
Faster and faster
Approaching disaster

In front of
My aching


A vision collision!
Left and right orbs joined only in

Refusing to work together.
Won't comply; no focus.

Seeking their union only in
Shut Eye.

Finger Jockey

Hi mum! I'm on speed!

(speed is a drug)

No mum - I'm not taking drugs --

Racing my fingers as fast as they'll go --
Jockey of the workstation --
Whipping my target
Beating for bonus --

Exhilarating, isn't it, mum?
You should try it --
Better than Tetris!

(or TombRaider)

I'll be crossing the finish line : 6am --
Then soundly off to bed.
To sleep, perchance to dream --
Of nothing.

(nothing but keying)

Eye Drone

White Walls
Tappity Tap
White Screens
Tappity Tap

Eye count
Eye calculate
Eye perceive

Locked in this box a steady hum --
Hum Drum
Tappity Tap
Flicker and Drone
One bee in an incessant chattering hive

Eye break
Eye multiply
Eye ache
Eye sting

The clock ticks
Tickety Tock
Tappity Tap
And the hour
Drags itself --

Steadily --

Towards its


Tappity Tap
Clickety Clock

Clock Off.


[User Picture]From: nnp
2004-03-13 04:24 pm (UTC)
i really like the rhythm of these... it aptly depicts the draining drone of your day/nite job... :(

made my eyes hurt... but, very good!
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[User Picture]From: missvontrapp
2004-03-14 01:35 am (UTC)
Thanks:)) (sorry for hurting your eyes)

I wrote them whilst I was doing Duty Obs (observations)...

Ten screens open at once on one computer that I have to keep flicking through to check mail coming in on each...lots of blue lines/red if they've timed out on each 15 min queue...

Adding up figures on the numeric keypad of the keyboard attached to that computer...and typing in the figure onto a spreadsheet on another computer at the same time... Two hands/two numeric keypads... Then two mice at once as I use my left to save the spreadsheet every fifteen minutes and my right to flick screens/close the calculator!!

That every fifteen minutes, ringing bosses to tell them which MDEC (of ten) to key on dependant on the mail coming in, ring AICC with computer/software issues and calculate downtime and how to cope over lunch/breaks etc etc...

Nightmarish!! But it gives me a break from non-stop typing, ten mins eye break every hour, 40 mins for lunch...split screen interface...next piece of mail to key at the top of the screen, mailpiece I'm typing at the bottom, input line in the middle...

Using short term memory to read the piece above and the data required and then entering it as soon as its fallen and the next piece is there... Like dropping blocks in Tetris, but typing addresses: towns, counties, postcodes etc etc for eight hours instead:/

But then, I do sometimes enjoy typing really fast...the way my fingers know where they're going without looking down, the racing over the keys in a blur and the speed that I enter stuff with...which is why my lj posts are so darn long...

If I were a secretary I'd be typing at about 60 words per minute...that's about 3,000 mailpieces per hour, 12-13 thousand keystrokes per hour.

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